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About 509J

The Corvallis School District is well-known across the state of Oregon for the breadth and excellence of educational experiences it provides students at every grade level. From kindergarten through grade 12, students are challenged to discover their personal strengths and abilities while exploring the world around them, and they are encouraged to prepare themselves to make a difference in that world once they graduate.
Located in Corvallis, Oregon, the school district consists of seven K-5 elementary schools, one K-5 charter school, one K-8 school, two middle schools, two high schools and one alternative high school. The district’s central office is located at 1555 S.W. 35th St., just south of the Oregon State University campus.
Vision – Mission Statements

We want our students to grow to be world-class learners, engaged citizens and leaders of the future. Our goal is to provide all students with a relevant and challenging education that prepares them for future success as engaged citizens and contributing members of our world community.
Our Students
At the beginning of the 2013-2014 school year, the district’s enrollment was nearly 6,350 students.Corvallis students represent more than 47 different nationalities and speak a variety of languages, the top five being English, Spanish, Korean, Arabic and Chinese.
Enrollment Updates  
Two of our elementary schools offer school-wide dual-immersion programs, and additional support for  English-language learners is also available at the middle and high school level.
Twenty-one percent of our students have been identified as Talented and Gifted (TAG), 6.6 percent are  English language learners, 10.8 percent are on Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and 33.3 percent  take part in the Free and Reduced Price meal program.
Our Staff
Our staff consists of 368 (333 FTE) certified teachers and counselors, 343 (280 FTE) classified employees, and 48 (45 FTE) administrators and supervisors for a total staff count of 759 (658 FTE).
Two-thirds of the district’s teachers have master’s degrees or higher and the average years of experience among our teachers is 13.3 years. All our teachers are recognized as “highly qualified” according to criteria established by the federal No Child Left Behind Act.
Academic Achievements
Most high school students in Corvallis consistently score higher on the national SAT and ACT college entrance exams than their peers in Oregon and across the nation. Numerous students each year also receive recognition as top achievers on Advanced Placement (AP) tests and in the National Merit Scholarship program.
Nearly 85 percent of our high school graduates go on to college and the Class of 2012 was awarded more than $10 million in grants and scholarships.
Ten of the district’s 13 schools that receive an annual Oregon School Report Card earned the state’s highest rating of “Outstanding” on last year’s report card.
In addition, Corvallis students frequently receive awards in state and national competitions for the quality of their fine arts performances, science fair projects, math skills, robotic demonstrations and athletic accomplishments. They also engage in numerous service learning projects throughout their school career that allow them to connect with the greater community and apply their “book learning” to real world situations and needs.


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