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Administrative Directory

2015-2016 Administrative Directory 

Superintendent's Office
Superintendent Erin Prince 541-757-5841
   Executive Assistant Julie Catala 541-757-5841
   Communications Coordinator Brenda Downum-VanDevelder 541-766-4856
Student Services
Assistant Superintendent  Kevin Bogatin 541-766-4857
   Student Services Support Kerry Richey 541-766-4857
Student Services Director  Ryan Noss 541-757-4334
Student Services Coordinator Amy Lesan 541-757-5863
   Administrative Assistant Peggy Clyne 541-757-4334
Student Services Coordinator  Rynda Gregory 541-757-4433
   Administrative Assistant  Cindy Dagesse 541-766-4704
 Equity/ELL/DI Coordinator Marcianne Rivero-Koetje  541-757-5807
    Administrative Assistant Fernanda Mugnolo  541-766-4709
Student Services Support Team    
Assessment Data Specialist Laurie Corliss 541-757-3855
Autism Consultant  Sue Holmberg 541-757-4441
Autism/Behavior Support Jodie Wyatt 541-757-4323
Behavior Support  Mindy Boland 541-757-5820
Autism/Behavior Support Jake Dorr 541-757-5755
Family Outreach/Title/Crisis Response  Chris Hawkins 541-757-4352 
Instructional Technology Coach  Robbie Faith 541-757-4492
Mentor Teacher (Collaboration Grant)  Suzanne McFarland-Price 541-757-4584
Physical Therapist  Mary Devine 541-757-4437
Professional Development Coordinator Mary Benson 541-757-4420
Response to Intervention, Title  Jeanette Brewer 541-766-4768
Safe Routes to School Grant/Health Wellness  Gigi Sims 541-757-2011
Special Education Records Manager   Lynne Griffin  541-757-3921
    Administrative Assistant, Special Ed., Tienet   Bethany Henscheid 541-757-3932
Translator Elena Valdes Chavarria 541-757-3986
District Theaters     
Manager of District Theaters Elizabeth Wyatt  541-750-7990
District Nurses    
District Nurse covering at: CVHS, Cheldelin, Franklin, Hoover, Lincoln, Mt. View and Wilson 
Monday - Friday
Denise Diller 541-757-4527
District Nurse covering at: CHS, LPMS, Adams, Garfield, Jefferson and College Hill High/Wings Monday - Friday Trish Pokrzywa 541-757-3854
   Administrative Assistant  Donna Cowger 541-757-4527 
Business Services
Business Director Olivia Meyers Buch 541-757-5874
   Administrative Assistant Jennifer Schroeder 541-757-5874
Accounting Manager Debbie Bell 541-757-5927
Budget Analyst Jane Sievers 541-757-3900
Accounts Payable Abbie Miller 541-757-5865
Staff Accountant Dan Nelson 541-757-5727
Payroll Specialist Bryan Markley 541-757-5869
Risk Manager Karen Selander 541-757-3846
Insurance/Benefits Specialist Angela Cook 541-757-5738
Corvallis Public Schools Foundation
Executive Director Liv Gifford                         541-766-4526
Accounting Associate Carla Callahan 541-766-4855
Facilities and Maintenance
Maintenance Supervisor Kim Patten  541-757-3853
Custodial Supervisor John Meyer 541-757-5999
   Administrative Assistant Joni Olsen 541-757-5877
Fiscal Clerk Mike Holden 541-757-5775
First Student Transportation Services   541-752-0174
Food and Nutrition Services
Food and Nutrition Services Manager Sharon Gibson 541-757-5867
   Administrative Assistant Kathy Adair 541-757-5859 
Food Services Supervisor Marv Newcombe 541-757-5903
Catering Adrienne Olson-Tracy 541-757-3890
Human Resources
Human Resources Director Jennifer Duvall 541-757-5840
Human Resources Specialist Marsha Ham 541-757-3860
Human Resources Specialist Lauren Sprowl 541-757-3844
Human Resources Specialist Katie Forsman 541-757-5840
  Administrative Assistant/Reception Desk
Technology Services
Technology Services Manager Rob Singleton 541-757-5921
Network Systems Administrator Tony Ling 541-757-5757
Network Engineer Rex Barns 541-757-5880
 Administrative Assistant Sandi Davis 541-757-5921
Information Services Help Desk/Request   541-757-3911


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