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Superintendent's Report 5-4-15
Posted Thursday, May 21, 2015

NSBA Technology visit in Kent, WA
A team, including Board Member Judy Ball, traveled together last week to visit Kent School District in Washington State. Kent has been at the forefront with the integration of digital learning. Throughout our visit, we observed instructional strategies, innovative practices and extraordinary project based learning taking place in elementary, middle and high schools. We had an opportunity to talk directly with students and staff and ask many pertinent questions to assist in our own implementation of 1:1 digital learning. As part of the visit, we also spent a day on the Microsoft Campus with 300 international teachers who were selected to participate in a Global Forum of digital learning best practices. We observed the delivery of international presentations utilizing collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication skills crossing the language and cultural barriers.

Earth Day Lunch at CHS
Malia Becker, a CHS student who leads the Green Club, approached Laurie Schrock, the kitchen manager, to see if she would be interested in providing a “Local Lunch” to the students and staff. The club offered to help promote this event and sell tickets .  The local offerings included tortillas baked in Salem, chicken processed in Silverton, cheddar cheese from Tillamook, pizza crust baked at the CHS bakery using flour from Pendleton and Eugene, yogurt and milk from Lochmead in Junction City, blueberries from Stahlbush Farms in Corvallis and granola from Eugene.

The event was very successful and brought in students and staff who do not normally eat meals in the cafeteria.  Attendees commented about how wonderful the lunch tasted and expressed gratitude that the school was supporting local businesses.

Oregon Youth Transition Program
College Hill High School was awarded a contract with the Youth Transition Program for the 2015-2017 biennium!  The Youth Transition Program is a comprehensive transition program for youth with disabilities and is operated collaboratively by Vocational Rehabilitation Services, the Oregon Department of Education, the University of Oregon, and local school districts statewide.

The purpose of the program is to prepare youth with disabilities for employment or career related post-secondary education or training.  The program currently operates in approximately 120 high schools in Oregon and is funded through a combination of state and local funds from participating education and rehabilitation agencies.
 YTP serves youth with disabilities who need additional support beyond the services typically offered though the general or special education program, to achieve their secondary and post-secondary employment and continuing education goals.

Oregon's Youth Transition Program was recognized as a Best Practice in 2013 by the European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities. Also in 2013 a study by the Zero Project comparing the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities named YTP as the only Innovative Project that addressed transition needs for youth with disabilities.

Congratulations College Hill!

Student School Board Representatives
I would like to share my appreciation to our six student school board representatives for this past year. Marc and Avery from Corvallis High School, Galen and Katie from Crescent Valley, and Selena and Rina from College Hill have all dedicated one Monday per month all year to participate and contribute to our regular Board meetings. We value the leadership and input they have brought to us this year and know without a doubt they will all succeed with bright futures ahead.

National School Nurse Appreciation Day
May 6th is National School Nurse Appreciation Day.  Our district nurses, Denise Diller and Patricia Pokrzywa, have been hard at work helping students and staff, sometimes in the shadows where no one will ever know the extent of their efforts. We are very appreciative of what Denise and Trish contribute to the Corvallis School District.

National Teacher Appreciation Week
The first week of May is set aside to recognize and appreciate all of the dedicated teachers we have in our District. Tonight, I share a poem by S.D. Tiwari, in honor of all the educators who touch the lives of children.

Teacher is the ladder,

to reach unto the goals of life.

He builds the path where we walk;

and their, success thrives.

Teacher is the mirror,

wherein we see our brain’s image.

What we hold inside

and reflection of the knowledge.

We have lot of traits

but so deep, ourselves can’t dig.

Teacher provides the tools

and confer the techniques.

Teacher is like a boat

to sail on the ocean of life.

Teacher shows the lights of life

to overcome from strife.

We can’t repay the teacher

in any term, for his debt.

Teacher expects from students,

mere their success and respect.

SD Tiwari 

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