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Superintendet's Report 05-05-14
Posted Friday, May 16, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Week:

I Am a Child:

I am a child.
I come to you, a teacher.
I bring a whisper
Can you hear the poem in it?

Will you tell me what to think,
Or show me how?
Will you teach me answers,
Or the symmetry of a question well composed?

Will learning be only about doing things right,
Or about doing the right thing?
A thing of joy.
Or of duty?

Which will matter most to you,
My Soul,
Or my grade

Can you teach me to chart my journey.
Or must you use a standard measure
To place me always
In the shadow of others?

Will I go away from you ascending my strengths,
Or hobbled by my weaknesses?

I bring you all I am,
All I can become.
Do you understand the trust?
Carol Ann Tomlinson

For all the love and care and dedication of our educators…….I am ever grateful. Thank you for all you do each and every day for our students.
We honor you!

1:World Technology Update

BrightBytes: Evaluation of Program

The District has contracted with an educational software company, BrightBytes, to assist us in analyzing the many components of 1:World. Specifically, we will be working with this group to gather information on some key elements of a successful technology educational program, including Professional Development, 21st Century Learning, Leadership and Curriculum. The intent is to contract with BrightBytes for, at minimum, 3 years, using the data and reports they collect and create for us to:

-analyze technology use
-target next steps for each school and district
-improve quality of professional development and tech projects
-analyze the student outcomes related to technology implementation

The data is gathered from multiple sources, one being electronic survey. All administrators, teachers, students in grades 3-12, and parents will receive a survey. Additional sources of information include statewide assessment data, demographic data and CSD SIS information.

After exploring many options for the evaluation of our program, including Education Northwest and Oregon State University, we were able to talk to districts who have used BrightBytes successfully and are very pleased with the results. BrightBytes evaluates district technology programs across the nation and we will be able to access and compare data nationally. The BrightBytes survey is scheduled to be up and running by June. The link to the survey will be open for parents, students and staff to complete over a two week time period. A full report will be provided to our Board and community. - about

Network Security Audit:

After much research, discussions with technology firms and review of options, The District has contracted with Structured Communications, Inc. and Virtual
Security Research (VSR) to compete a two-tiered technology audit. One will include a general network security audit and the other will be specific to the iPAD and Mobile Device Management Systems. The scope of the audit will include, but won’t be limited to:

 Vulnerability Assessment that includes an external vulnerability
assessment covering all network infrastructures including web server, a review of the configurations and security policies and the creation of a remediation plan for the Corvallis School District.
 iPad Assessment that includes, but is not limited to, testing the district
iPad configurations, mobile device management (MDM) system and applications for security vulnerabilities such as a breach of the login process, communication interception and malicious control or attack of the devices.
 Determine any remediation needed based on the results of the audit and develop recommendations for the district to improve network and iPad security. A Penetration Test Retest will be conducted to review and validate any changes made to the network and will attempt exploitation of the network as well.

The security audit is slated to begin mid-May and a more general assessment of our complete network will continue through fall.

Technology Advisory Committee

CSD 509J is forming a Technology Advisory Committee. The purpose of this team is to guide the development of policies and procedures for implementing instructional technology.
In addition, the team will:
1) Assist in the development of the 3-5 year technology plan
2) Conduct research and development of best practices
3) Advise in the development of a communication plan for schools, district, and community around digital learning

Ultimately, this team makes recommendations to the superintendent. The team will consist of parents, community members, administrators, teachers, students, technology department staff, and a school board member liaison.

Committee members will be appointed for a 2-year term (although the first year, only half will have 1 year and half will have 2 year terms). The team will meet monthly for 2-3 hours in the late afternoon or early evening.

Applications are due Friday, May 16th. Review and selection completed by May 23. The first Technology Advisory Committee will meet the week of May 28-30.

A link to the application is on the web and will be sent out via school list serv. Additionally, we will be sending out to the Gazette Times, Key Communicators, and community advocates to disperse the information.

Our goal will be to select a diverse committee representative of all levels (elementary, middle and high), various technological experience, higher education and/or high tech industry experience, special education and/or ELL background.

Here is a link to the application. Please note the questions asked of applicants.

Technology Advisory Application

1:World Technology Innovation Grants

As we prepare for the 2014-15 school year, there are funds identified for 1:World technology innovation for classrooms not currently participating in 1:World. The funds are intended for 1:1 technology innovation use in the classroom for teachers eager to implement. Based on the parameters suggested by the school board, preference will be given to those teachers who are prepared to participate fully in professional development, evaluate the program and effectiveness toward student growth, have intentional strategies to help close the opportunity gap and demonstrate innovation.

We have received applications from 70 teachers representing each building not currently participating in 1:World. At this point a team is working on the first screening of all the applications based on the criteria required. A scoring rubric has been developed and the next step will be for the selection committee (which will include a board member) to meet and determine the winning grants based on the rubric.

Below is the application that was required to be filled out in order to be considered for the innovation grant.


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