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Superintendent's Report 8-17-15
Posted Monday, August 24, 2015

Back To School Start Up:
As quiet as summer may seem, we are very busy in preparations to ensure a successful and smooth start for staff and most importantly, for students.

Last week our Leadership Team spent quality time together bonding, energizing and learning in preparation for the 2015-16 school year. We challenged ourselves mentally and physically through facilitated team building activities at Camp Dakota, learning about our strengths and areas for growth as leaders. Another day was spent in deep study of
Visible Learning for Teachers, as Dr. Rob Hess from Lebanon, led our group in great discussions. We will put our learning into action this fall as our teachers return and we support and coach within the classrooms.

New administrators met together for the first time this summer and are reading
The First 90 Days as they prepare transition plans for their new assignments. We will meet monthly with this group throughout the school year. Additionally, our new teachers will attend a New Teacher Academy next week as they are welcomed to the Corvallis School District and we set them up for success and mentor support.

All staff will return to schools on September 1st ready to engage in meaningful activities at the buildings. On September 2nd, I will have the opportunity to welcome back all classified and certified staff prior to an all day professional development event at Corvallis High School. Board members are invited to drop by any of the sessions that will be primarily taught by our staff experts. The professional development cohort model is a direct result of the work we have accomplished through the $1.2 million dollar Collaboration Grant we received from the state of Oregon and the
Chalkboard Project.

Technology Update:
Our Technology Department staff has been busy this summer. Led by Technology Manager Rob Singleton. Rob has met several times this summer with middle school principals to plan this year’s iPad rollout and parent communications. Our team completed the upgrade and updates of numerous building student labs with new computers. We also received a major upgrade of hardware and software for the school district phone system.

1:World Phase IV
We’ve add the the following to the student device inventory:

●     750 iPad Airs for grades 3-5 (Garfield and Lincoln full 1:1 buildings, individual classrooms in other buildings), additional iPads for the High School AVID program and Special Education

●     480 iPad Mini’s for grades K-2 (Garfield and Lincoln full 1:1 buildings)

●     38 Anthro carts to secure and charge new ipads in various schools

●     160 HP 360 laptops for the High School Pilot Program

Other completed tasks include:

●     All ipads are inventory tagged and enrolled in our mobile device management software program (MDM) and are ready for student check-out.

●     A new Student Account system was initiated to streamline downloading apps and backing up student work. Generic iTunes accounts have been created for the K-2 classroom iPads.  Individual student iTunes accounts have been created for tablet devices used in Grades 3-12.

●     High School Pilot laptops are on order. Tech staff will format the devices and have ready for deployment mid-to-end of September.

●     Wi Fi installation in school buildings:

        Lincoln 100% completed

        Garfield 100% completed

        Wilson 100% completed

        Harding Center 100% completed

        Adams to be completed over Winter Break

        Jefferson to be completed Summer 2016

        Hoover to be completed Summer 2016

Head Start Coming to Corvallis School District:
The Oregon State University Child Development Center Oregon Head Start Pre-kindergarten Program and Adams Elementary School are partnering this fall to develop an integrated Pre-K model that aligns pre-kindergarten and kindergarten education approaches.

This preschool opportunity builds on Positive Behavior & Instructional Supports, promotes positive transition from Pre-K to Kindergarten, draws on professional expertise to build Pre-K and Kindergarten teacher collaboration, and enhances the experience of student teachers studying in the Child Development program at OSU.

●     Adams Elementary has been selected as the pilot site for this year with OSU Head Start.

●     There will be two sessions (am and pm) with a maximum of 20 students in each session.

●     Students from Adams and Lincoln boundaries will be targeted for participation.

●     A health navigator/family advocate will be assigned to the program to assist families.

●     We are partnering with Early Intervention to provide services at Adams to eligible students.


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