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Alternative Education

The Corvallis School District’s alternative education program, known as College Hill High School, is dedicated to creating opportunities and alternatives for learning that will engage students and bring purpose to their lives.

The program is housed at the Harding Center, 510 N.W. 31st St., and it serves students from both Crescent Valley and Corvallis high schools.

College Hill allows students to develop a framework of accountability and a personal timeline toward graduation that promotes learning and inspires them to invest in their future. Students work in an independent study environment in which they earn credits toward a high school diploma. While working on their diploma requirements, students also develop the computer skills, basic skills, life skills and career skills they need to succeed as adults. They learn to set long-term and short-term goals and to exercise the discipline necessary to meet those goals.

The College Hill program allows qualified students the option of also attending classes at their home high school. Students who are referred to College Hill may return to their home high school at the semester if they desire to do so and if they have completed their educational plan in the alternative education program.

For a complete description of the College Hill philosophy and more details about the alternative education program, check out the College Hill High School brochure.

2011-2012 Progress Report 
The cumulative grade point average (GPA) of College Hill’s current student body was 1.24 prior to their entrance into the alternative education program. Nearly every student was at risk of not graduating. However, this same group of students has since earned an average GPA of 3.16. In the math department alone, more than 90 percent of students who tested in at a pre-algebra level have made enough academic progress to not only complete pre-algebra, but also to complete Algebra 1. Some students have completed geometry as well within the same year. 

Students participate in a number of service-learning projects throughout the year and many also are involved in ongoing career education opportunities including various pre-apprenticeship programs and the College Hill horticulture program.

College Hill Staff

        Eric Wright 
Operations Assistant:
        Kathee Kunke 
        Cathy Wright
        Carol Griffith
        Cherie Taylor
        Jeff Peak

Educational Assistants:
        Barb Dandeneau
        Cindy Muir
        Debbie Zuidema

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Alternative Education
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