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Career Learning

Program Description

As part of their 7-12 education, students in the Corvallis School District are required to complete career-related learning activities designed to help them develop an understanding of their personal strengths and interests and to set goals for their future. The hope is that by exploring during their middle and high school years students will learn career-related life skills and values that will help them to be successful in the world of work and/or the pursuit of a higher education degree.

Career-related learning experiences and activities help your child to connect what they are learning in school to the real world. They give them an opportunity to demonstrate their employability skills – like communication, problem solving, and teamwork – in real situations. They also give them the chance to explore a variety of work settings and jobs and learn valuable new skills. If they approach their experiences thoughtfully, they will gain new insights about their education plans and career goals.

Qualifying experiences generally:

  • Support the educational goals of the school district

  • Contextualize learning

  • Connect students to the community

  • Promote citizenship

  • Prepare students for transitions beyond high school

  • Benefit all partners involved

*For more information please see our Information Letter for Parents


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Crescent Valley High School
Career Learning Assistant
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Staff:  Kathy Zimbrick

Corvallis High School
Career Learning Assistant 
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Staff:  Donna Keim