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Veterinary Career Partnership Curriculum

This program is designed to be an exploration of a career in Animal and Veterinary Science. The class has the support of several local agencies and professionals.  We live in a community that is rich in resources and regards education as a priority.  The following outlines a unique community and career experience for the students who participate:

Benton County Extension provides leadership training, records, Animal Science booklets and insurance.  The class is also recognized as a 4H Club.  Fees will be determined each term the course if offered.

OSU Pre-Veterinary Club meets every week on a rotation of Tuesday or Wednesday at 7pm in Magruder Hall.  The club is composed of undergraduate college students and a Veterinary School advisor. The first lecture is generally about a veterinary career path.  Other lectures will be about diagnosis, surgery techniques, species, specific systems and  the recent construction and expansion of the Vet facilities.  Many lectures are species specific regarding health, genetics and/or care.  Visiting Vet School speakers often stay to talk to the Pre-Vet Club. Since the club has university students, many more opportunities are open to us. These may have fees.

Corvallis High and Crescent Valley High School juniors and seniors make up the class.  The criteria for the student:  must be interested in a vet career path, able to meet Tuesday or Wednesday at 6:45pm – 8:00pm, own transportation, mature enough to sit through college lecture, able to attend two weekend field trips per month, willing to do volunteer work with animals.  If a student completes the hours (65 plus) and has a journal documentation of class, .50 elective credit will be awarded.

Local veterinarians and vet techs will also work with students.  They will provide the opportunity for students to observe and work with animals and clients through a job shadow program.

Harvest Meadows (the Gregg farm) will provide info on Equine Management/Health.  Also, some class meetings will be held there.

Example schedule for first term:

Gregg Farm                  CHS/CV student/parent meeting – discuss curriculum

OSU Vet School            Magruder Hall-organizational meeting

CHS                                 Registration, discuss beef, swine, dairy; records

OSU Magruder Hall        Dean of Vet School: Equine, sheep

Gregg Farm                   Intro Animal Science booklets

OSU Magruder Hall        Surgery and procedures

Wildlife Refuge               Rehabilitation/Wildlife support

OSU Magruder Hall        Feline specialist-Meds

Animal House                Field Trip

OSU Magruder Hall        Healthy Equine Living

OSU Magruder Hall        TBA

Individual Job Shadows with local veterinarians – 2 per student

(Students log 4 hours of job shadow with a vet; 2 hours at clinic/tech)

*The class begins the last week of September.  It will end by Spring break.

This class is packed with hands on activities.  The OSU School of Veterinary Medicine has 40 resident veterinarian openings each year.  Many graduates apply, few are chosen.  A student’s interest and involvement with animals in the high school years would clearly identify a life-long interest.

For more information please contact: Bonnie Gregg,

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