Juniors CRL Activities

During their Junior and Senior year students are focusing on their "Next Steps". They may revise their education plan in preparation for high school-to-postsecondary transition using their career and education aspirations as guide. During this time students will:

  • Apply to postsecondary schools, apprenticeship programs, military, etc

  • Engage in goal-planning strategy

  • Learn about and apply for financial aid awards

  • Review the job search process

  • Create a budget for postsecondary training

  • Identify appropriate workplace behavior and revise their resume

  • Conduct a Financial Aid Sort to find local, regional, and national awards

  • Create a transition checklist

11th grade Career Learning Activities include:

Career Shadow Experience and Reflection

Career Convention Experience

    Mock Interview Reflections

    Career Speaker Reflections

    Career Booth Reflections

Extended Application Preparation

EA Pre-Planning Proposal

EA Requirements and Guidelines

EA Scoring Guide

Junior Resume in CIS

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