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Booking Guidelines

  Here are some guidelines for booking CIMC materials:

       You will get the error message “Unacceptable booking…” or “Media Desk is Closed”                  

                        1)     if you use a start date sooner than 3 full school days

                                The start date must be at least 3 full school days out. 
                                Book it then call or email Kimberly if you need the item sooner.

                        2)     if you use a non school date

       Start and end dates must be a school day (no weekend, holiday or teacher prep days)

                        3)     if you use a time after 4:30 pm or before 7:30 am                                    

                                If you are trying to book on weekends or after 4:30 pm from school or home, you must
                                adjust the time  on  the 
calendar  gadget manually.
                                Use 8:00 for start time and 16:00 for end time.

                      Circulation length varies for items. For example:


                                     DVD/videos 2 weeks 
                                     reading tubs 12 weeks 
                                     social studies 4 weeks 
                                     literature circles 9 weeks  
                                     general kits 9 weeks 
                                     health kits vary  

Your user ID is your school with your last name (ie: Wilson teacher John Doe is WIDOE) 
See your school librarian for your user ID.
Please try at least three times to book your item before contacting Kimberly.  

Teachers cannot edit or renew their bookings, so just email or call Kimberly for assistance with changes. 

The due dates on science, videos, and kits are very important to adhere to. 
If you need to keep something longer, please send Kimberly an email and she may be able to extend the due date if another teacher is not waiting on the item.     

Please write “R” (for return) on the shipping labels on any items you are returning to CIMC. This helps the courier know if an item is coming or going. Please do not remove the shipping label.  Post it notes do not work!

Stop by the CIMC at Harding Center to browse materials any M-F,  7:30-4:30 (closed for lunch 11:30-12:30) 

Extra Elementary Info


       Quick Search hint: type  HM reading grade X theme X to find reading theme kits in the online catalog

        Reading tubs are only pulled on Mondays and Tuesdays, therefore they ship Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

        You can use any start date as long as it is 3  full days out. 

        It is always best to
plan your HM reading ahead since we only ship two days a week

        Don’t worry about reading theme kits being a couple weeks late.


Contact us

Central Instructional Media Center
Address: 510 NW 31st St., Corvallis, Oregon 97330
Phone: 541-757-5923
Fax: 541-757-4589
Staff: Kimberly McIntyre, Circulation & Science Kits