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Hands On Math

Clock Kit:  Designed to teach analog and digital clock reading for primary students.  Kits include 36 Judy-geared mini-clocks, 1 Judy Digital clock, and 1 Bingo "Telling Time" game (enough game cards for 30 students).

> Calculator Kit:  Designed for whole class instruction in intermediate classrooms using calculators. Class set of Casio SL-450 calculators (30) and the same calculator in an overhead version.

> Linear Measurement Kit:  Tools for primary and intermediate classrooms for making linear measurement. 30 tape measures, primary ruler kit, trundle wheel in customary units (non-metric), 35 4-scale rulers.

> Volume Measurement Kit:  Tools for primary and intermediate classrooms for making volume measurements. 18-piece set of customary measurement (measuring cups and spoons), set of 5 metric graduated beakers, liter cube with lid.

> Geometric Drawing Kit:  Set of drawing tools for intermediate classroom geometric study. 35 GeoTool compasses (drawing tool that functions as a protractor and compass without sharp point), compass drawing book, set of 5 whiteboard drawing tools for teacher, percent protractor.

> Fraction Kit:  For grades 2 and up to introduce fraction concepts.  Fraction and Decimal Quizmo game, 10 sets of fraction bars (set of 49 in each set), fraction bar transparency set (set of 49 pieces), fraction bar games book, fraction circles sets (set of 10), fraction square set (set of 10).

> Solid Shapes Kit:  For primary and intermediate classrooms, a building set for the study of solid shapes. Book with lessons using polydrons, polydron exploration kit (120 pieces), polydron sphera kit (set of 50), polydron prism kit (set of 49), polyhedron pyramid set (39 pieces). This kit complements the polydrons from Bridges (triangle and square pieces).

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