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•  Amazing Space   Activities and games about space. Learn about comets, galaxies, stars, black holes, the solar system, the Hubble telescope, and astronauts. Some of the site requires shockwave.

•  Free Monthly Sky Maps!  This site allows the printing of quality digital star maps for education.  Each free monthly Evening Sky Map includes short articles on astronomy and a descriptive list of the best objects to see with binoculars, a telescope, or just the naked eye.  The Evening Sky Map is ready to use and will help you to identify planets, stars and major constellations in the night sky.

  Hubble Space Telescope   Images from the Hubble Space telescope and information about the telescope.

•  NASA Spacelink   Main page for NASA related information. Current news about space exploration including new releases of images from space. Cool picks hyperlink has activities: directions for growing protein crystals, Captain Comet, Mars Quest, cities and trees from space (photos), Design Your Own Airplane, Pop Rocket That Works, What on Earth? Quiz, tracked weather buoys and the Mars Lander, virtual underwater adventures, scientific and engineering problem solving, and lesson plans.

•  Star Child   NASA site especially for kids with two levels of difficulty. The solar system, universe, space stuff, and glossary are the main categories. Also a great list of other good astronomy and space links appropriate for kids.

•  Uncle Al's Sky Wheel  Here is an astronomical tool that will help you find constellations of stars and other things in the sky. All you need to do is print out the sky wheel holder and the constellations page.  All directions for creating the sky wheel and it's use are on the web site.

•  Welcome to the Planets   Collection of NASA photos of the planets.

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