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•  Color Landform Atlas of USA
Maps of the US and for each state individually. A variety of maps: topographical, satellite images, county and historical maps. Links to other map sites.

•  Deserts
Features the four major deserts in the USA with information about the geology, minerals, animals, plants, people, and culture of each desert. Photos of major desert landforms.

Everything you always wanted to know about earthquakes: history, where they occur, why they happen, how they're measured, and how they can be predicted.

•  Earth's Water: Rivers and Sediments
Explains how river water moves sediments and how stream flow is measured.

•  Grand Canyon Explorer
Geology, human history, weather, maps, photos, and information about visiting the Grand Canyon. Especially interesting in the Armchair Traveler's section where you can follow other people's trip, reading their journals, seeing their photos and watching their videos.

•  Life Along the Fault Line
The Exploratorium's online earthquake exhibit includes seismic science information, articles on earthquake-proof engineering, and a look back at the 1906 quake in San Francisco.

•  Maps
Complete on-line atlas, guide to buying maps, reading maps, understanding scale, historic maps, and topographic maps. Includes a link to on-line topographic maps --- search by place name or longitude/latitude. Also printable outline maps of all U.S. states and most countries in the world as well as satellite photos of many areas. THE site to visit for complete map information!

Mt. Shasta Images
Aerial photos of Mt. Shasta. Links to other volcano photos.

Volcanoes Online
A Think Quest award winner, this site was created by students and designed to educate other students about volcanoes. It delves into many different facets of volcanoes such as what a volcano is, how they are formed, and how eruptions effect each and every one of us. Visitors may test their knowledge of volcanoes with online games and multiple-choice quizzes, search a 'volcano' database and discover links to other volcano sites, book titles and magazine articles for further research.

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