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Structures of Life

•  Frogs by the Exploratorium
Ribbit, ribbit, this is a site you're sure to enjoy! Students of all ages are bound to enjoy learning about their amphibian friends. The site is packed with background information, frog tales, a frog tracker that allows you to listen to the "ribbits" of a multitude of frogs and much more! Another added bonus is that this site works well with a screen reader. (Note: some areas of this site require Shockwave.)

•  Live from the Rainforest
Learn about rainforests, and why they are found where they are. You will find a gallery of maps, images, and information on the trees, plants, birds, animals and insects of the rainforest. Read biographies and field journals from scientists.

•  The Robot Zoo
Museum exhibit of animal robots featuring seven animals: chameleon, squid, bat, fly, platypus, grasshopper, and rhino. Each robot animal has a detailed body parts diagram with an explanation of what that body part does. Many of the body parts are animated so you can watch them work.

•  World Wildlife Fund Kids Stuff
Make this your first stop when researching endangered species. Use the fact sheets on pandas, rhinos, mountain gorillas, tigers, whales, and many other species to learn about the animals, why they are endangered and conservation efforts to save them. Visit the Virtual Funhouse to find out about biodiversity, eco-regions near you with interactive games, quizzes, and activities. Great links to other sites about endangered species and biodiversity.

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