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•  EPA's Drinking Water and Ground Water
Kid's site all about water treatment, the water cycle, and health aspects of water. Online games and activities: interactive water treatment plant, word search, word scramble, water trivia and myths, and water "bloopers." Includes downloadable curriculum and activities plus a section in Spanish.

•  Oceans and Seas
Enchanted Learning's site answers questions: Why is the ocean salty? What causes waves and tides? Why is the ocean blue? Also lots of information about plants and animals that live in the ocean. Includes a printable map of the oceans and ideas for ocean crafts.

•  Thermometers
Explanation of how bulb and bimetal thermometers work with diagrams, photographs, and suggested activities.

•  U.S. Geological Survey's Water Site for Students
Very complete site with lots of illustrations, quizzes to take, a picture gallery, glossary, and links to schools doing water projects. Reading level is reasonable. Not to be missed --- the full color water cycle illustration as well as lots of real photos of water topics like well drilling, floods, aqueducts, etc.

•  Waterworks Experiments from OMSI
Set of experiments with directions to build various types of fountains, a fire extinguisher, a water thermometer, and ways to move water. Photos, videos, and explanations of how various real fountains work --- all are famous fountains in the Portland area. Teacher background information about properties of water, gravity, pressure, and real life pumps (the heart and an automobile fuel pump).

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