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Balance in Motion

#1 Balance

Bill Nye Physical Science: Balance
531 BIL
1 DVD, 26 minutes.
Discusses the center of gravity and its effect on balance. Conducts an experiment that demonstrates how to balance objects to make a mobile.

Bill Nye Physical Science: Motion
531 BIL
1 DVD, 26 minutes.
Motion illustrates the concept of force and inertia, and demonstrates Newton's Three Laws of Motion.

Bill Nye Physical Science: Balance/Structures (Revised)
530 BIL
1 VHS videocassette 52 minutes+ 2 teachers guides
Balance - 26 min - discusses opposite and equal forces, and torque.
Structures - 26 min - discusses tension and compression.
Recommended:  first 20 minutes of Balance video, skip last part

3-2-1 Contact: Forces and Motion
531 THR
3 VHS videocassettes 56 minutes, 5 dittos, 1 teaches guide. Grade Level: 4 - 6
Titles: Gravity - 11 minutes; Buoyancy in Water - 10 minutes; Buoyancy in Air - 14 minutes; Human Forces - 10 minutes; Forces at the Circus - 11 minutes.
Recommended:  Human Forces and Forces at the Circus

Circus Posters
791.3 CIR
16 posters
Collection of Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey posters (3' x 2') depicting outstanding performances from 1800's to the present.

#2 Spinners

Why People Have Special Jobs: The Man Who Made Spinning Tops
330 WHY
1 VHS videocassette, 7 minutes + 1 teachers guide
Introduces the basic concept of specialization of labor. Based on the book of the same title.

#3 Rollers

Watch 'em Work: Wheels, Wings, and Moving Things
307 WAT
1 VHS videocassette, 25 minutes
Explores a variety of methods of transportation, including trucks, jets, helicopters, boats, trains, and more.

Reading Rainbow: Bicycle Man

940 REA
1 VHS videocassette, 30 minutes, 2 hardback books, 1 teachers guide
Book titles: Bicycle Man; White Bicycle.
LeVar explores the world of wheels and how they keep us all rolling along. LeVar meets a freestyle bicyclist who shows him some of the fancy tricks of the trade and takes a spin on several wheels himself, including: a skateboard, a scooter and rollerblades. Viewers also get a glimpse of some human powered vehicles that are one of a kind.

Magic School Bus: Plays Ball
531 MAG
1 VHS videocassette, 30 minutes. Grade Level: K - 5
Ms. Frizzle combines physics and baseball in a unique ball game.

3-2-1 Contact: Motion and Forces - Play Ball!
531 THR
1 VHS videocassette 15 minutes, 1 ditto, 1 teachers guide.
Examines gravity in force and motion.


3-2-1 Contact: Friction - Getting a Grip
531 THR
1 VHS videocassette 15 minutes, 1 ditto, 1 teachers guide.
Examines the process and purpose of friction in movement. 

Rip Roaring Roller Coasters : and All Access to Fun
791 RIP
1 videocassette, 92 minutes (Each episode is 23 min.)
Roller coasters -- Ticket to ride -- Under the big top -- Behind the scenes at big events.
Young presenters explore the exciting world of roller coasters; also explored are the behind-the-scenes workings at a rock concert, WWE wrestling, and trapeze acts.
Note:  Preview this to find sections about roller coasters, circus acts.

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