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New Plants

Characteristics of Plants
580 CHA
1 DVD, 18 minutes.
This program takes young viewers to a banana plantation and introduces them to the parts of a plant; it showcases the life cycle of a bean plant, and visits a desert to discover the unique adaptation of a cactus. Discussion questions and activities.
Series: Science Clips for Children. Grades K-4

Hands on Science Library: Plants
580 HAN
11 books
Collection of books to enrich the NEW PLANTS Hands-On Science kit

What Do Seeds Do?
582 WHA
1 videocassette, 11 minutes
Shows how a seed grows into a plant capable of supplying its own food and producing its own seed. Gives examples of corn, bean, maple tree, foxtail, and milkweed seeds.

Debbie Greenthumb
581 DEB
4 VHS videocassettes, 45 minutes, 25 dittos, 1 teachers guide
Titles: Plants Can Be Found Everywhere; Where Plants Come From; How Plants Grow; Importance of Plants to our World. 

Magic School Bus: Goes to Seed
580 MAG
1 VHS videocassette, 30 minutes
Ms. Frizzle's class explores gardens, plants, and insects. 

All About Plant Pollination: Fruit, Flowers, and Seeds
581 ALL
1 videocassette, 24 minutes + 1 teacher's guide
An introduction to the processes of pollination and reproduction in plants, including the development of flowers, fruit and seeds.

Pumpkin Circle
580 PUM
1 VHS videocassette 20 minutes, 1 teachers guide. Grade Level: K - 3
Examines the life cycle of a pumpkin patch over three seasons.

Bean Germination Biosmount
630 BEA
1 bean model
Model shows three stages of lima and broad bean plant germination.

Corn Germination Biosmount
630 COR
1 corn model
Model shows seven stages of corn germination.

Corn Life Cycle
630 COR
1 corn life cycle model
Displays seed, seedling, small tassel. Immature ear is dissected to show silks and fruit, and ear sectioned to show damage done by earworm.

Dicot Seed
582  DIC
1 dicot seed model, labeled
Exhibits a large buckeye dicot seed that has been germinated and opened to show structures.

Diversity of Plants: Seed Producers
580 DIV
12 study prints
Titles: Living Fossil; A Tree Study; A Strange Plant; Pampas Grass; An Early Bloomer; A Poisonous Plant; A Water Plant; A Cactus Twin; An Air Plant; An Insect Eater; A Plant Parasite; Living Stones.

Flower Anatomy
582 FLO
1 flower anatomy model
Displays two blooms (lily and amaryllis) dissected to show female and male structures. Labeled. 

Bill Nye the Science Guy: Flowers
575.6 BIL
1 DVD, 26 minutes
Explores how flowers make seeds, play a key role in pollination and help plants reproduce.

Primary Science: Plants
580 PRI
1 cassette, 1 paperback book, 1 teachers guide
Shows the life cycle of plants and the processes necessary for seeds to grow. Discusses methods for identifying an unknown plant.

Seed Fruits
582 SEE
1 seed fruits model
Displays twelve different types of fruit. Labeled. Titles: Sunflower; Maple; Pecan; Wheat; Apple; Pea; Cherry; Lily; Mulberry; Huckleberry; Blackberry.

How Seeds Get Here and There
582 HOW
1 VHS videocassette, 16 minutes
How did that weed get in the garden? Why do dandelions pop up in different places? How do plants spread from one place to another, even where there are miles of water in between? Seeds can't walk, or swim, or fly, or can they? Come with us on a fascinating field trip as our eight-year-olds discover how seeds move. One finds that even he carries a few hitchhikers. Another flies through the air on a dandelion seed. And they all take part in the "great seed chase".

Seeds! Seeds! Seeds! 
1 VHS videocassette, 15 minutes
Buddy Bear learns about different kinds of seeds and their uses when he opens a package sent by his grandfather.

What is a Seed?
580 WHA
1 cassette, 28 paperback books, 6 dittos, 1 teachers guide
Examines different kinds of seeds, how they develop into plants, ways they travel. Includes read-along cassette.

Reading Rainbow: Bread is for Eating
1 DVD 30 minutes, 5 hardback books, 1 teachers guide.
Discusses the history of bread. Examines what goes into making a loaf of bread, from seed to supermarket. Book titles: Bread, Bread, Bread; Bread Is for Eating; La Tortilleria; The Tortilla Factory; Walter the Baker.

630 GRA
1 grains model, labeled 
Displays mature heads on sections of rice, wheat, rye, oats, corn, buckwheat, milo, and millet. Includes individual seeds.

Bread, from Wheat to Table
641.8 BRE
1 VHS videocassette, 12 minutes
Explores the wheat-growing process from wheat berry to harvest. The process continues from field to mill to industrial bakery. At the bakery, viewers are invited to participate in the process of bread making.

Bread Comes to Life: a Garden of Wheat and a Loaf to Eat
641.8 BRE
1 DVD, 22 minutes
Narrated by Lily Tomlin, this award-winning program follows the process of bread-making from the farm to the bakery using live-action footage, time-lapse photography and animated sequences. Narrated in verse with music by George Winston, the program tells the story of the sowing, growing, reaping, threshing, milling, mixing, shaping, kneading, rising, baking and breaking of daily bread. 

Leaf and Root Systems Models
581 LEA
4 models
Titles: Root System; Leaf Morphology; Leaves; Leaf Skeleton.


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