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Pebbles, Sand and Silt

Earth Science Library III
550 EAR
10 hardback books, 1 booklet, 1 poster.
Titles: How The Earth Works; Our Violent Earth; Science Fun With Mud and Dirt; Soil Erosion and Pollution; The Sun, the Wind and the Rain.

Reading Rainbow: Piggy in the Puddle
1 VHS videocassette, 30 minutes, 3 hardback books, 1 teachers guide.
LeVar takes viewers behind the scenes as THE PIGGY IN THE PUDDLE by Charlotte Pomerantz, illustred by James Marshall, is brought to life through the art of clay animation. From painting and sculpting the characters, to filming the action frame by frame, the secrets of "claymation" are revealed. Book titles: Oink; Piggy in the Puddle; This House is Made of Mud.

Hispanic Folk Arts and the Environment: A New Mexican Perspective
745.5 HIS
1 VHS videocassette, 29 minutes, 20 color prints, 1 teachers guide.
Demonstrates nine folk art traditions of New Mexico: adobe making, wood carving, furniture making, iron tool making, painted wood panels, straw applique, weaving, decorative tin work, and Colcha embroidery. Examines relationships among lifestyle, natural resources, and art.

Mexico: Crafts and Industries
972 MEX
8 study prints
Titles: Silversmith at Work; Pottery Painters at Work; Building With Adobe Bricks; Drying Sisal; Printing Textiles; Fisherman at Work; Refining Petroleum; Port of Veracruz. 
Let's Create Native American Art
709 LET
1 video, 38 minutes
Presents an introduction to Native American art, featuring a demonstration of Native American storytelling, and including instructions for making sand paintings, buffalo vests, dream catchers, and totem poles
Note:  Show part about sand painting.

Early Native American Art and Culture
709.01 EAR
1 VHS videocassette, 33 minutes
Examines Native American history and culture through their art: pictographs, basketry, pottery, Kiva paintings, sand paintings, and the decoration of animal skins.

592 WOR
1 VHS videocassette, 26 minutes, 1 video teachers guide, 2 paperback books.
Examines earthworms in their natural habitat. Discusses their role in processing organic material. Includes worm songs.

Soil Community Biorama
574.5 SOI
1 soil model.
Ecosystem of 22 specimens of plants, animals and insects. Illustrates how they aerate and return nutrients to the soil.

All about soil
551.3 ALL
1 videocassette, 24 minutes + 1 teacher's guide. Presents many facts about soil including how it is formed, the different types of soil and why soil is important.

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