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#1 Water Observations:

Three-Two-One Contact: Surface Tension - Bubble-ology
541 THR
1 VHS videocassette, 15 minutes, 1 ditto, 1 teachers guide
Examines the concept of surface tension as the role of molecules.

551.4 WAT
1 VHS videocassette, 25 minutes
Oscar reveals the amazing facts about water. Where does it come from? What happens when it gets very hot or very cold? Why do some things float and others sink? What are some uses of water? Oscar explores condensation, evaporation, buoyancy, flotation, and the whole water cycle of the sea, clouds, rain, and rivers.

 #2 Hot Water, Cold Water:

Temperature Kit
536 TEM
1 demonstration thermometer, 1 classroom thermometer, 30 thermometers, and 1 overhead thermometer.
Tools for primary and intermediate classrooms for reading thermometers and measuring temperature.

Mr. Wizard's World: Change of State
530 MRW
1 VHS videocassette 27 minutes, 1 ditto, 1 teachers guide,
Recommended segments:  Seeing Steam; Dry Ice Fog
Activity segments: Seeing Steam; Dry Ice Fog; Liquid Nitrogen; Effect of Pressure on Ice; Boiling Water in a Closed Container; Carbon Dioxide "Steam Engine". Activities progress from simple to complex scientific principles.

Mr. Wizard's World: Buoyancy and Displacement
530 MRW
1 VHS videocassette 24 minutes, 1 ditto, 1 teachers guide,
Recommended segments:  Making a Density Float
Activity segments: Finding the Volume of Irregular Solids; Magic Medicine Dropper; Archimedes' Principle; Making a Density Float; Homemade Hot Air Balloon; Dancing Spaghetti. Activities progress from simple to complex scientific principles.

Bill Nye Physical Science: Pressure/Bouyancy
530 BIL
1 VHS videocassette, 52 minutes, 2 teachers guides. 
Recommended segment:  Bouyancy
Pressure - 26 min - discusses force, vacuums, and holograms.
Bouyancy - 26 min - discusses displacement, neutral bouyancy, and how shape and pressure affect an object's bouyancy.

Bill Nye the science guy: Buoyancy 
532 BIL
1 DVD, 26 minutes.
Looks at why objects like boats, helium and balloons are buoyant using a hot air balloon and by going scuba-diving.

Bill Nye the science guy: Pressure 
531 BIL
1 DVD, 26 minutes
This epsisode visits the Hoover Dam and jack-hammers concrete blocks to explore different types of pressure, including underwater pressure.

#3 Water Vapor:

All About Solids, Liquids, and Gases
530.4 ALL
DVD 23 minutes + teachers guide
Presents an introduction to the three states of matter, including solids, liquids and gases, and provides information on their characteristics, nature, and behavior, looking at how each one can change into another, and discussing key concepts such as melting point, freezing point, and boiling point.

Adventures of Little Drip
551.4 ADV
1 VHS videocassette 15 minutes.
Explores the water cycle. Story of Little Drip, an animated character who fell off his "water cycle."

Water Cycle Simulator
551.4 WAT
1 model, 19" x 14 1/2" x 4" + guide
Create a water cycle as it occurs in nature. This experimental model creates a continuous water cycle that demonstrates precipitation, collection, evaporation, and condensation. It also graphically illustrates the distillation of water as it changes into gas. All processes are confined within the closed box; the sources of heat and cold are applied to the outside of the box. Model measures 19" x 14 1/2" x 4" and includes a study guide.

All About the Water Cycle
551.48 ALL
1 DVD, 23 minutes.
Describes the stages of the water cycle, visits an underground cavern examining water's role in creating these natural wonders, and shows how scientists are protecting the Earth's water supply. Discussion questions and activities -- Downloadable teacher's guide and investigation data sheet. Earth Science for Children series.

Water Cycle
1 VHS videocassette, 14 minutes
Stunning visuals illustrate the importance of the endless exchange of water between land, atmosphere, and the sea. Evaporation, condensation, and the effects of the water cycle on the climate and the land are closely examined.

Three-Two-One Contact: Water Cycle - Go With the Flow
551.6 THR
1 VHS videocassette 15 minutes, 1 ditto, 1 teachers guide
Examines the water cycle process of evaporation, condensation, and precipitation. Discusses pollution and acid rain effects on plants and animals.

Water and What it Does (Second Edition)
551.4 WAT
1 VHS videocassette 12 minutes
 Explores water as a solid, liquid or a gas; meanings of evaporation, condensation, expansion, contraction, and dissolution.
Primary Science: Evaporation
551.6 PRI
1 cassette, 1 paperback book, 4 rulers, 1 teachers guide
Explores the concept of evaporation and how variables can change the rate of evaporation.

Bill Nye Earth Science: Water Cycle/ Oceanography
551.6 BIL
1 VHS videocassette 52 minutes, 2 teachers guides.
Recommended:  Water Cycle
Water Cycle - 26 min - discusses molecules and water as a gas, liquid, and solid.
Oceanography - 26 min - discusses currents, and salt and other minerals.

Bill Nye Earth Science: Water Cycle
1 DVD, 26 minutes
Creates a model showing the stages of the water cycle, and shows easy ways to protect the Earth's water supply.

Ground Water Flow Model
551.4 GRO
1 model, 1 vacuum pump, PVC tubing, wood support stands, 2 large plastic bottles with rubber stoppers, 1 ziploc bag (containing 2 syringes, 2 tubes with elbows, 4 plugs, 9 pipette tips), 1 teachers guide notebook.
Introduction to the ground water hydrologic cycle. 

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