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Machines Engineering

Bill Nye the Science Guy: SImple Machines
621.8 BIL
1 DVD, 26 minutes.
Demonstrates the principles behind a variety of simple machines such as ramps, levers, pulleys and wheels, and shows how simple machines doing complicated things can be found everywhere.

Simple Machines
531 SIM
1 VHS videocassette 20 minutes, 1 teachers guide
Introduces students to simple machines: the lever, inclined plane, wedge, screw, pulley, wheel and axle. Animation and live action illustrate the principles and their usefulness. Includes scenes from Corvallis, Philomath, and other parts of Oregon

Simple Machines
621.8 SIM
1 VHS videocassette, 25 minutes + teachers guide
Describes how the principles behind a variety of simple machines such as ramps, levers, pulleys, and the wheel and axle assist humans in making their work easier.

Mechanical Energy
531 MEC
1 VHS videocassette, 23 minutes + teachers guide
Through after school exploits of an aspiring young scientist, learn what energy is, how it behaves, and why it's important to our daily lives. Understand mechanical energy as one of the important sources of power in nature as well as man's machines. Includes demonstration and experiment.


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Address: 510 NW 31st St., Corvallis, Oregon 97330
Staff: Kimberly McIntyre, Circulation & Science Kits

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