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Magnetism and Electricity

#1 The Force: 

Bill Nye Physical Science: Magnetism/Static Electricity
537 BIL
1 VHS video cassette 52 minutes, 2 teachers guides. Grade Level: 4 - 9
Magnetism - 26 min - discusses north and south poles, compasses, magnetic metals, and electrons.
Static Electricity - 26 min - discusses electrons, grounding, and lightning.

Bill Nye Physical Science: Magnetism
538 BIL
1 DVD, 26 minutes.
Defines magnetism, explores the Earth's magnetic properties, demonstrates how to make a compass and illustrates why opposites attract.

Bill Nye Physical Science: Stactic Electricity
537 BIL
1 DVD, 26 minutes.
Looks at why socks stick together when taken from the dryer by exploring static electricity.

Science Essentials: Electricity and Magnetism
537 SCI
4 VHS videocassettes 32 minutes, 8 dittos, 4 teachers guides.
Titles: What is Electricity? - 8 minutes; How Does Electricity Travel? - 8 minutes; What is Magnetism? - 8 minutes; What is Electromagnetism? - 8 minutes.

Magic of Magnetism
538 MAG
1 VHS videocassette 15 minutes + teachers guide
A magician helps children understand the basic  concepts of magnetism.

Primary Science: Magnets
538 PRI
1 cassette book, 1 paperback book, 1 teachers guide, 4 small magnets
Explores the basic properties of magnets.

Earth is a Giant Magnet
538.7 Ear
DVD 15 minutes + teachers guide
Uses live classroom experiments to illustrate the basic principles of magnetism.

#2 Making a  Connection 

Elementary Electricity
537 ELE
1 VHS videocassette 23 minutes, 1 teachers guide.
Introduces basic concepts in electricity: current, conductivity, circuits, and magnetism. Discusses modern electric power systems. Historical overview.

 #3 Advanced Connections

Electrical Circuits: You Can Do It!
537 ELE
1 VHS videocassette 12 minutes, 1 teachers guide.
Examines static and current electricity; sources of electrical power. Includes experiments.

Introduction to Circuits
621.3 INT
1 VHS videocassette 21 minutes.   
Meet special agents Muldoon and Kelly, skilled probers of the unknown, as they try to solve the mystery of a series of blackouts. Their investigation reveals that circuits are energy transfer mechanisms and have a myriad of wonderful and astonishing applications.

 #4 Current Attractions

Electromagnetic Energy
539.2 ELE
1 videocassette  23 minutes + guide. Series Title   
Through after school exploits of an aspiring young scientist, learn what energy is, how it behaves, and why it's important to our daily lives. Learn how electromagnetic energy behaves and how it's used to power many different objects.

 Mr. Wizard's World: Current Electricity
537 MRW
1 VHS videocassette 21 minutes, 2 dittos, 1 teachers guide,
Activity segments: Electrocuted Hot Dog; Making an Electromagnet; Making a Motor; Fuses; Supercooled Conductors. Activities progress from simple to complex scientific principles.

 #5 Click It

Thomas Edison 1847-1931
608 THO
28 paperback Cobblestone Magazines February 1980 issue, 3 dittos.
Collection of factual information, photos, and maps on the life, times and inventions of Thomas Alva Edison. Includes a play based on incidents that really happened in Edison's life; biographical information; how to make a telegraph sender and receiver; and a bibliography.

 Extention Topics:

Bill Nye Physical Science: Electrical Current/ Light and Optics
535 BIL
1 VHS videocassette 52 minutes, 2 teachers guides.
Electrical Current - 26 min - discusses electron particles, circuits, voltage, amps, and watts. Light and Optics - 26 min - discusses reflection, refraction, and concave and convex lenses.
Note:  Only Electrical Current section recommended.

3-2-1 Contact: Generating Electricity - More Power to You
537 THR
1 VHS videocassette 15 minutes, 1 ditto, 1 teachers guide.
Explores how electricity is generated.

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