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Three-Two-One Contact: How do You Know? Experiment!
500 THR
1 VHS videocassette, 15 minutes, 1 ditto, 1 teachers guide, grade 3-6.
Shows students why and how to set up a controlled experiment. Closed Captioned

Three-Two-One Contact: How Do You Know? Collect the Data
500 THR
1 VHS videocassette, 15 minutes, 1 ditto, 1 teachers guide, grade 3-6.
Students meet scientists collecting data deep in the woods and deep underwater.

Bill Nye: Motion
531 BIL
DVD 26 minutes, includes Spanish track. DVD includes interactive glossaries and quizzes as well as NSS correlated chapters.
Motion illustrates the concept of force and inertia, and demonstrates Newton's Three Laws of Motion.

Bill Nye General Science: Measurement / Patterns

510 BIL
1 VHS videocassette 52 minutes, including paperback book. 2 teachers guides. Grades 4-9.
Measurements- 26 minutes- illustrates the importance of standard units of measure and shows the relationship between units of length, area, volume, and mass. Patterns- 26 minutes- introduces the concept of repetition in patterns, recognizes patterns in daily life and examines how patterns lead to an understanding of the world around us. Closed captioned. Walt Disney, 1997.

Bill Nye General Science: Probability and Time
500 BIL
1 VHS videocassette 52 minutes (26 min. ea.), 2 teachers guides, grade 4-9.
Probability - 26 min - shows how scientists use probability to predict future events or results. Time - 26 min - looks at devices and indicators used to measure time, Einstein's Theory of Relativity, and how time factors affect space exploration.

Scientific Method
500 SCI
1 VHS videocassette, 20 minutes, 1 teachers guide, grade 4-12.
Introduces students to the scientific method process. Follows the work of a chemist, biologist, and a geologist, and their use of the scientific method.


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