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Reading Rainbow: Paper Crane
1 VHS videocassette 30 minutes, 3 hardback books, 1 teachers guide.
LeVar celebrates Japanese culture by visiting Gasho of Japan in Central Valley, New York. LeVar explores the ancient art of origami and the artistry of a Japanese vegetable carver. Special highlight, LeVar joins Soh Daiko, a Japanese dance group, as they perform the "Festival of the Drums". Book titles: Perfect Crane; How My Parents Learned to Eat; Paper Crane.

Did You Ever Wonder?
670 DID
12 VHS videocassettes 4 hours, 1 teacher guide.
Titles (approximately 20 minutes each): How Are Airplanes Made; How Are Cars Made; How Are Chocolate Bars Made; Where Does Coal and Electricity Come From; How Are Combines and Cereal Made; How Are Computers Made; How Does Conservation Work; How Is Paper Made; How Are Pencils and TV Shows Made; How Are Steel and Washing Machines Made; How Are Jellybeans Made; How Are Toy Trains Made.
How is Paper Made is the recommended segment.
Note: For older students; video without sound can work well.

How is Paper Made?
676.2 HOW
1 videocassette, 25 minutes
This program showcases the manufacturing of paper. Includes some history, fun facts and trivia.
Note: For older students; video without sound can work well.

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