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Corvallis Menus

Corvallis School District Food & Nutrition Services is committed to providing healthy meals for their students. We offer a variety of entree options every day, including vegetarian options.  

As part of our Farm to School program, we offer local fruits and vegetables whenever possible. We feel it's important to give the best possible foods to the children and people we serve. Providing local produce means more flavorful food while supporting area farmers. 

Corvallis menus are created on a 4-week rotation that remains fairly consistent for the entire school year. Periodically, we make changes to the menus due to school schedules, special occasions, or food availability.  Much of the food is prepared at the Corvallis Central Kitchen and sent to each school kitchen where Food Service personnel ready it for serving. Some items are made in the individual school kitchens to ensure students are getting the best quality meals. All Corvallis schools offer full salad bars to their students in an effort to encourage them to eat more fruits and vegetables and also as a vegetarian lunch option.

Nutritional Analysis
Nutrition and healthy eating has been in the spotlight and bringing increasing awareness to the health-related risks of being overweight or eating foods of low nutritional value. Diabetes and many diseases are affected by certain foods that are eaten, and knowing certain facts help to  control the effects of these diseases. We provide a nutritional analysis of the foods we serve in our cafeterias to give individuals and families the information they need. Click on the link to the right to take you to our Nutritional Analysis page.
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