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Health & Wellness

A growing body of evidence shows a strong connection between good nutrition, physical activity, healthy lifestyles, and student achievement. And since schools represent an opportunity to provide our children with valuable lifelong health skills, the Corvallis School District has adopted a School Wellness policy to encourage all students to be physically active on a regular basis, to provide students with healthy, nutritious meals while at school, and to teach students how to make wise decisions when it comes to their personal health and well-being.

509J Wellness Policy/Nutrition Program -- EFA / EFA-AR

District Wellness Council
A District Wellness Council was created in 2006 to assist the superintendent in the implementation of the district’s wellness policy and to serve as a resource to schools as they implement their own wellness initiatives. Over the years, our schools have encouraged healthy lifestyles in multiple ways:

Walking trails and running paths on-site for kids to use during recess and lunch 
Walk/Bike to School Days once a month
Tasting Tables program during lunch to encourage children to try new, locally grown fruits and vegetables
School gardens to teach students how to raise fresh produce

Three of our schools -- Franklin K-8 and Hoover and Garfield elementary schools -- have received state wellness awards from the Oregon Department of Education in recognition of their school programs to encourage students and staff to develop lifelong healthy lifestyles.

Wellness Council members and school representatives are listed on the District Wellness Council page, along with more details about what schools and students are doing to improve their health and fitness. Also listed are community organizations and businesses that partner with the district to support its health and wellness initiatives.

Food Services & Nutrition
The district’s Food Services and Nutrition department provides nutritious meals every day that meet state guidelines and federal requirements established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. As often as possible, locally grown produce is served in school cafeterias, including some vegetables and greens raised by students in school gardens.
The Food Services Web page offers many more details including school menus, information about the federal Free and Reduced Price Meal program and numerous links to articles and Web sites focused on nutrition.

Student Health Services
The Corvallis School District has two full-time nurses on staff to provide nursing services to our schools. Our district nurses assist in taking care of students' health while at school, ensure that the district's health policies comply with state laws, and provide students and staff with a variety of health resources.


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