District Wellness Council

The district Wellness Council assists in implementing the district’s wellness policies and serves as a resource to schools to develop their own wellness initiatives.

The council's members are concerned parents and professionals who believe that children’s health and health habits affect their capacity to learn and achieve academic and personal success now and in the future. Council members include representatives from the district office, schools, and the community at large.  

The vision of the Wellness Council, which meets quarterly, is that families and the Corvallis community will value and support the central role that schools play in promoting children’s health. In support of this vision, the council seeks to create and promote opportunities for student and staff wellness through the district’s educational and food services programs and activities.

2011-2012 Wellness Council

Gigi Sims  SR2S Coordinator/Parent               Steve George  Parent 
Dale Looney  PE Teacher  Vaerine Bauder      Parent 
Sherry Newton  PE Teacher                     Wanda Arp  Administrative Assistant 
Tiah Edmunson-Morton        Parent  Juan Baez  School Principal 
Greg Caster  PE Teacher  Sarah Harstein  Parent 
Adejoke Babatunde    Jen Brown   
Jay Thatcher  Physical Education Teacher                 Lynn McCurdy  Cook 
Heather Reich  Administrative Assistant  Jeanne Czernowski       Teacher 
Aaron McKee  Health/PE Teacher  Cathy Week Health/PE Teacher 
Mike Fagan  Health/PE Teacher  John Harrison  Counselor 
Diana Hammons  Counselor  Simone Frei  Parent

Community Organizations/Partners

Linus Pauling Institute  Corvallis Sustainability Coalition
           Corvallis Environmental Center               OSU KidSpirit 
                         Healthy Kids, Healthy Communities            


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School Representatives
Wellness Toolkit for Schools
School Wellness

Each school in the district has developed its own strategy for promoting healthy lifestyles among students, families and staff. Below are links to brief descriptions and photos of some of the various programs and activities that have been especially successful and popular.

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