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Salary Schedules

Below you will find salary schedules for the Corvallis School District.  Benefit information, including medical, dental, vision, and life/long term disability can be found by clicking here.  The Corvallis School District also pays the six percent employee contribution for eligible employees PERS retirement fund. 

Licensed Teacher Salary Schedule

Initial Placement on the Salary Schedule

1) New teachers shall be placed on the salary schedule in accordance with their successful and verified licensed teaching experience and verified education as follows:

  • Teachers will be placed on the column that matches their verified educational level. Two steps shall be granted to those teachers who possess a Masters degree. One step will be granted for teachers who possess a PhD or National Board Certification.
  • One step will be granted for every one year of teaching experience up to a maximum of ten years.
  • When warranted by circumstances, the District may grant additional steps by using the following process. The Joint Cooperation Committee (JCC), at the request of the District, will annually recommend to the Superintendent which bargaining unit positions are hard to fill and the maximum number of additional steps the District should use to place a new teacher in a hard to fill position on the salary schedule. The Superintendent shall make the final decision on which positions are hard to fill and the maximum number of additional steps. If a situation arises outside the annual process, JCC will be consulted before a recommendation is made to the Superintendent.

2) A teacher must have worked at least 135 days in a paid status during one school year for a school district to be counted as a year of service in determining placement on the salary schedule. Credit for teaching experience will not be granted for substitute teaching.

3) Teaching experience in an elementary or secondary private school will be granted credit one year for every two years’ experience to a maximum of eight years private school.

4) Active military service not to exceed three years is evaluated and counted as teaching experience in salary placement.

2015-2016 Licensed Teacher Salary Schedule

Classified Salary Schedule

2015-2016 Classified Employee Salary Schedule

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