English Language Learner

The ELL department focuses on developing instructional services to meet the needs of English language learners.  ELLs in the Corvallis School District may participate in a number of different programs including:

English Language Development (ELD) – Students learn about the forms and function of the English language using the four domains of language; reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

Sheltered Instruction – Core content classes where teachers use research-based instructional strategies that are designed to make content accessible to ELLs.

Dual Language Immersion (DLI) – This program offered at Garfield, Lincoln, LPMS and CHS uses Spanish for part of the instruction and English for part of the instruction.  ELLs and Spanish language learners work together to learn content and language so that all participants become bilingual and bi-literate.

Welcome to 509J's ELD Resource Center - (For Corvallis School District staff only)
This site includes all supplements for grades k-6 for E.L. Achieve ELD unites.  All teachers will now have access to these files. Additional files can be uploaded when they are received.


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