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Brown Bag Lunches

Brown Bag lunches are an opportunity for parents to connect with the District Autism Team.  Brown bag lunches are typically held once a month from 12:00 - 1:00 pm. Dates will be announced as these sessions are confirmed.

The lunches will be held at the Corvallis School District Administration Office Community Conference Room, located at 1555 SW 35th Street.   All are welcome to attend!

Autism Services

In Corvallis we are striving to continue to be part of the state reform on educational services for students with ASD.  The district has agreed to be part of the pilot project that will be going on this year throughout the state, by other districts.  We are involved with doing a self-assessment on our ASD programs to see where we need to focus our energies and training in the next few years.  This aligns with the district goal overall of improving special education and ELL services and results for the district. 

                                                                            The State of Oregon Commission

Life Long Goals for ALL students with Autism Spectrum Disorders are:

1)     To tolerate people and value interactions
2)     To communicate intentionally and effectively
3)     To organize information and learn meanings/purposes ( words, events and routines)
4)     To tolerate change and accept new experiences
5)     To be independent of constant verbal direction
6)     To self-monitor and manage stress


 Proactive Support is the basis of our strategies for working with students with ASD. These strategies are considered critical for the vast majority of students with ASD, and have been identified as highly effective practices in teaching and supporting students with ASD in integrated environments.  Supports include timely observations to assist with educational assistant and other classified staff  support; teacher coaching; materials support;  FBA, Ziggurat and LINKS development; FBA plans and instruction on the implementation of all.  Student specific supports include functional communication systems, visual strategies to increase environmental organization and structure, modifications and accommodations to increase opportunities in integrated environments, access to typical peers to support the development of social interaction skills, and consistent behavioral programming. As a result, these supports and strategies provide students with ASD a solid foundation for learning and can be individualized to meet the unique needs of each student to help make them an independent learner. 

We use several district level strategies to help support our students.  These include the use of stress thermometers in the colors of PBS (red/yellow and green); 5 point scales that are designed for a range of situations and events; Home court support for our middle and high school students; social skills supports; social skills groups at the middle and high schools  and use of strategies developed for individual students.


ASD Documents - Model:

  • ASD Packet (Autism Spectrum Disorder)        
  • Home Court Overview (A space for children to calm down, debrief, problem solve, and make a plan)
Home Court Overview:  Home Court serves students with Autism and Emotional Disturbance eligibility.

Home Court Check-in Survey

ASD Helpful Sites and Local Events:

Link to LBL ESD Autism Services

Access the LiveBinders Website:  Search for Autism to find a wealth of information.

Albany Anime Club:

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Autism Support contact information:

Susan Holmberg, Autism Specialist: 541-757-4441

Jodie Wyatt,  Autism/Behavior Support:  541-757-4323