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Special Education Programs and Services

The needs of students with disabilities vary widely according to the type and severity of disability they have. Every student is unique and will respond to different environments and teaching strategies. The Corvallis School District strives to provide a full array of supports and options to our special education students through the following primary programs:

Learning Resource Center (LRC)
Learning Resource Centers are available in every school to provide specially designed instruction to students whose disability adversely impacts progress in a general education curriculum. Licensed special education teachers and educational assistants provide instruction in small groups or individually, within a general classroom or in a separate class setting.

Life Skills
Life Skills classrooms are designed for students with a variety of developmental disabilities who need a highly structured environment. Instruction is focused on academics at the student’s level and a curriculum that prepares students for independent living including personal safety. These classrooms serve every grade level and are located at Jefferson Elementary School, Linus Pauling Middle School and Corvallis High School.

WINGS is a post-school transition program available to students between the ages of 18 to 21 with developmental disabilities. The program provides first-hand independent living and work experiences within the community according to the students’ individual needs.

Special Education Services in Corvallis

Additional support services may be needed to help students with a disability benefit from his or her education. The specific service(s) provided are determined according to the child's Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and may include:

Assistive technology     Health and nursing services 
  Audiological services               Transportation 
•  Occupational/physical therapy Orientation and mobility instruction 
•  Vision services  Sign language interpretation
•  Adapted physical education     Parent counseling and training
  Speech/language pathology services        Home or hospital instruction (for students unable to attend school

Special Ed Teaching Staff


Elementary Schools   
Adams  Cody Hansen
Sheri Dearing
Franklin K-8  Lindsay Prothero
Becky Mitchell
Garfield Nancy Reerslev
Susie Kummerow
Hoover  Tim Dillon 
Jefferson  Teresa LeClaire
Mary Beth Hill
Mo Ruzek
Lincoln  Stacy Donin
Kathleen Nichols
Mountain View  Tiffany Sheppick 
Muddy Creek  Shirley Irwin
Wilson  Sue Pastor 
Middle Schools   
Cheldelin  Tom Berrey
Lisa Holcomb
Linus Pauling Shana Haid
Sandy Fong
Leigh-Ann Russell
High Schools   
Corvallis  Maughn Hagel
Karen Jones
Shelley Powers 
Jennifer Seesz-Jones
Crescent Valley                  Ellen Froot
Mary Johnson
Jamie Jones


 CHS Life Skills
Karen Peterson
Josh Keady
 College Hill
Carol Griffith
Jefferson Life Skills         Peggy Reilly
Mo Ruzek  
Linus Pauling Life Skills Stacy Kandra
Pat Templeton 
Yes House
Meg Grear


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