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"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift, and the rational mind is a faithful servant.  We have created a society that honors the servant, and has forgotten the gift."
--Albert Einstein

Welcome to Oregon School District 509J's  TAG homepage.  Here you will find information and ideas  to help you understand and deal with the special needs of TAG students.  As well, you will find information and resources for TAG students and their parents that are available in our school district.

Did you know that there are many opportunities for TAG children to participate in fast paced, enriched learning programs in Oregon?  There are courses both on and off of university campuses. Below are a couple examples:

OSU Precollege Programs
Tag Summer Programs for TAG and High-Ability Students
July 6-17, 2015  For additional information about these programs Opportunities For Students

Registration for Middle School and High School AWSEM Club for girls will be opening November 13, 2014
Tuition assistance/scholarships available to all who qualify!  For descriptions and dates for the 2015 middle School and High School Winter AWSEM Clubs, please click on AWSEM Clubs, 2015

STEM Academy is pleased to announce that registration for our 2015 Summer Camp program and online registration will be open in March 2015.
Camps will be available for all age groups, beginning with students entering grades 3-5. Camp topics include Engineering, Geosciences, Lego Robotics, Physics, Biochemistry, Computing, Biology, Ecological Restoration, DNA Biology, Marine Genetics, and an Innovation Workshop.
To view camp listings, dates, cost, and descriptions, or to register, please visit our website:
Scholarships are available to all who qualify!

STEM Academy @ Oregon State University(formally known as Saturday Academy @ OSU)
STEM Academy is a non-profit, extracurricular, pre-college education program hosted by Oregon State University. The program, chartered at OSU since 1986, enlists community professionals to share their facilities, equipment, and expertise through hands-on classes, workshops, and mentor-ships to extend and augment the science curriculum of the school systems.  STEM Academy places special emphasis on the sciences, math and technology. Financial assistance is available to all who qualify.

STEM programs are not just limited to TAG students.  For information about our summer programs, please click on this link.

Our Mission
STEM Academy (previously Saturday Academy) inspires young people to explore their world through hands-on learning with community experts and professionals. Our goal is to reinforce the joy of learning, assist young people in developing intellectually and help them prepare for rewarding careers. We strive to make our experiences available to all students who seek them, and to affirmatively reach out to those who might not otherwise participate.  We value all learning and offer experiences in many disciplines. We emphasize the sciences, especially engineering, technology and health sciences, because of the rapid rate of change in these fields and their essential role in modern life.

Note: these STEM programs are not limited to TAG students.  If you have any questions about the programs, please check out their website.
​For more information or to register please contact the STEM Academy @ OSU office: 541-737-8139

En Español 

¡Saludos! La Academia STEM se complace en anunciar que los registros de los campamentos del verano 2014 están ABIERTOS. ¡Se ofrecen 26 campamentos este año! Los campamentos de verano están disponibles para todos los grupos de edad, empanzando con estudiantes entrando el tercer grado esta otoño de 2014. Los temas de los campamentos incluyen Ingeniería, Ciencias de la Tierra, Robótica Lego, Física, Bioquímica, Informática, Restauración Ecológica, Biología ADN, Marine Genética, y un Taller de Innovación.  Para ver anuncios de los campamentos, fechas, costos y descripciones, o para registrarse, por favor visite nuestro sitio web:

¡Becas están disponibles para todos los que califiquen!

Campamentos de verano “STEM” en la Universidad del Estado de Oregón: 

Academia “STEM” en Oregon State University (conocida formalmente como la Academia de los sábados en OSU)  Para obtener más información o para registrarse, por favor contacte la academia “STEM “en la oficina de OSU: 541-737-8139,

 Are you the parent of a future scientist or engineer?

Saturday Academy's Apprenticeships in Science and Engineering (ASE) Program offers 9th - 11th grade students the opportunity to work with scientists and engineers for eight weeks, full-time, during the summer.  Read All About the TAG Challenge Camps this Summer and Register Online Now!  visit their website at:

To find out about more opportunities for students, Check out our opportunities for Students page.
Looking for more information on TAG topics?  Check out our  TAG Resources Page! There is plenty of information there to start your search for information on the web, or in print!

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