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TAG Committee Mission Statement

The Corvallis School District sponsors a TAG Advisory Committee that consists of parents representing each building in the district, the Assistant Superintendent (TAG Coordinator), a principal, an at-large member, and a TAG consultant.  The committee meets monthly from September to June, or as they deem necessary, to carry out their work.

The purpose of the TAG Advisory Group is threefold:

  1. To inform
  2. To communicate
  3. To support appropriate services for high ability students

Each  of these areas has specific goals and audiences: 


  • Scheduling and facilitating district TAG parent information meetings
  • Providing leadership in the area of researching best practices to inform ourselves and share with district administrators, teachers, and parents
  • Provide feedback to the district


  • Attend monthly meetings of the TAG Parent Advisory Committee during the school year.
  • Communicating with fellow TAG parents at the beginning of the school are with approved introductory letter.
  • Assisting with the planning and organization of TAG parent information sessions during the school year.
  • Facilitate communication/marketing of TAG opportunities in the district/community. Ensure that meeting dates, special programs, etc. appear in newsletters and on school bulletin boards.
  • Working with the principal and TAG teacher liaison to advocate for the needs of TAG-identified students.
  • Volunteering, as time allows, in classrooms and/or enlisting other parent volunteers so teachers might work with high ability students.
  • Attending, when possible, OATAG or WAETAG conferences..
  • Assume role in committee structure (note taker, newsletter editor, web master, etc.)
  • Attend and help facilitate district TAG Parent Information meetings (set-up, help with speakers, etc.)
  • Support progress of ongoing parent education/support programs sponsored by the Committee (parent support group, newsletter, etc.)
  • Participate in the review of TAG students' academic progress in support of program improvement.
  • Work to continuously improve and enhance the district's TAG programs and services through review of data, brainstorming, new ideas and research.
  • Assist in advertising to parents and teachers opportunities in the school district and community for TAG students
  • Network with administrators, teachers and parents to serve as advocates for TAG students
  • Seek input from parents to guide selection of topics and speakers for meetings
  • Contribute your skills and expertise in supporting the work of other members of the committee.
Support appropriate services:

  • Work with the Corvallis School Foundation to actively seek financial donations for staff development in the area of TAG education and appropriate materials for teachers to meet the needs of TAG learners
 Committee members may take on the following roles:
  1. Provide input to the agenda
  2. Note taker during meetings.  Minutes are sent to the district.  The district TAG coordinator facilitates dispersing the minutes, having them placed on the district website.
  3. Help with communication such as creating/posting parent meeting fliers, thank-you notes, etc.
  4. Participate on sub-committees as needed, such as for arranging for parent meetings or organizing activities for children during those meetings.
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Are you interested in helping make the  mission a success?  For more information, please contact, or browse our committee member's job description.

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