Corvallis High School Mainstage Theatre

The Main Stage Theater is a state-of-the-art, modified-proscenium theater, seating 620. It has a 50-foot fly tower with a counterweight system, an orchestra pit, one mid-stage trap, significant wing space, and a loading dock. The stage has a full set of drapes, including sky cyc, two scrims (one black, one natural) and a natural seamless drop. There is both a mid-stage and up-stage traveler in addition to the main house curtain. There are three self-lit acoustical reflectors over the stage for use when needed. The plywood floor has a resilient underlayment appropriate for dance.

Sound can be controlled from a rear-of-house booth or a vault position located in the middle of the house with the in-house 24-channel Soundcraft Series Two mixer. Lighting is controlled by an ETC Expressions with Emphasis 2D board with DMX positions throughout the facility. There are two followspots.

The Black Box Theater is a 43' x 32' room with its own lighting and sound systems. It is equipped with black background curtains, a gray cyclorama and both blue- and green-screen curtains for video use. Seating capacity depends on configuration. With the maximum allowed set by code at 92.

Adjacent to the two performance spaces are dressing rooms, a makeup room and a scene shop.

Also in this facility are band and choir classrooms that can double as rehearsal and/or green rooms.

All spaces in the facility are linked by both a main-stage monitor system and intercom stations.

There is a ticket booth in the lobby of the main stage theater from which renting groups may sell tickets at their events, though not in advance.

The school's student center (cafeteria) is located next to the Performing Arts Center and may be rented for use. Catering services can be arranged.

School classrooms are available for rent outside of regular school hours.


Technical Documents for Main Stage Theater Only (downloadable .pdf format)


Light console: ETC Expression (external link)

Sound console: Soundcraft Series Two (external link)


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