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School Emergency Action Plans

If an emergency occurs during the school day requiring an early dismissal of students:
   •  Every attempt will be made to notify parents or designated guardians using the contact information provided on students' registration cards. Be sure the school has current phone numbers for your home and work as well as for people you would like us to contact when we can't get in touch with you.
District staff will provide parents with details about whether students are being sent home early or if they are being transported to another site.
Some situations may require the district to work cooperatively with local law enforcement and emergency responders to implement an appropriate response plan.
  •  Depending on the emergency,phones may not be working because of damage to the phone lines or because the system is overloaded with calls. Please try to leave the phone lines open to allow schools to use them to obtain any emergency help they may need. 
              Emergency notifications will be posted on the district Web site ( and local media outlets will be notified. Please check the Web sites of the newspapers or tune into the radio and TV stations listed to the right for emergency information and updates, including instructions about where and/or how to locate your child.