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Common Core State Standards

The phrase “Common Core State Standards” is one that will be heard often over the next few years. It refers to a shared set of increased learning expectations in English-language arts and math developed by teachers, administrators, parents and education experts across the nation to ensure that all students graduate with the skills they need to succeed in life.

The State of Oregon adopted the CCSS in October 2010. Though Oregon’s current standards and these national standards are very similar, the CCSS provide a more consistent, clearer understanding of what students are expected to learn from kindergarten through Grade 12. They are designed to be rigorous and relevant to the real world.

Oregon is not alone in adopting these new standards. All but a handful of other states across the nation have chosen to implement the CCSS initiative as well. Educators are excited about the impact CCSS will have for several reasons:

The standards are the same wherever you go. Common standards mean that students in Oregon are learning the same thing as students across the country. Students moving into or out of Oregon will have a smoother educational transition because learning goals will now be the same across states.

They’re modeled on success. The CCSS are aligned to international standards from the highest achieving countries. This means our students will be well-prepared to compete both nationally and internationally.

College and career ready is the name of the game. All students graduating college and career-ready is the goal of the CCSS. These standards are designed to prepare students for success in whatever they choose to do after graduation.

Real life is really important. What students learn in school should be directly related to what they’ll be required to do once they leave. The Common Core initiative places a strong emphasis on reading informational and technical texts to prepare students for the demands of college and the workplace. 

College should not begin with remediation. Too many students entering Oregon universities and community colleges require remedial classes in English and Math. The CCSS are designed to make that a problem of the past by fully preparing students for college-level coursework. 

21st century skills for 21st century jobs. These standards will prepare our students for career success in the rapidly changing world of work.

How will the new standards affect your children? Some of the information they learn in school will be new, and some content will be taught at a different grade level than in the past. By the spring of 2015, you also will notice some changes in how state tests are conducted in order to effectively measure student proficiency in the new content standards.

At first, students may not score as well on state tests because of the higher standards. This does not mean they know less than the year before or that they are “doing worse” in school. They will simply need time to catch up to the higher bar set by the CCSS. The end result of implementing these new standards will be all children becoming more prepared for successful lives and careers once they graduate.

A parent flier introducing the Common Core State Standards has been distributed to all schools. Click on the titles below to see the flier, or check out the other links on the menu to the right.


Standards-Based Report Cards

Standards-Based Report Cards

. . .  coming soon to an elementary school near you!

Along with the new Common Core State Standards, elementary schools in the Corvallis School District are introducing a new standards-based report card in 2011-2012.

Click on the link above for a detailed explanation of what the new report cards will be like, how they relate to the new academic content standards and how they will help ensure all students are successful.  

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