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Frequently Asked Questions About CCSS

Is the Common Core State Standards initiative another federal mandate imposed on school districts by Congress?
The federal government was not involved in the development of the CCSS. The standards were the result of a state-led effort involving a diverse group of teachers, experts, parents and school administrators committed to giving all students the skills and knowledge they need to succeed. Individual states choose whether or not to adopt the standards; to date, more than 40 states have chosen to participate.

Will new standards be developed for other subjects, in addition to math and language arts?
English-language arts and math were the first subjects chosen for the CCSS because they teach skills critical for students to build skill sets in other subject areas. They also are the subjects most frequently used as the basis for state tests for accountability purposes. Once the English-language arts and math standards are fully developed, attention may be turned to other subjects, such as science.

How will Common Core State Standards affect the way teachers teach?
The standards do not tell teachers how to teach. Local teachers, principals and administrators will decide how the standards are to be met, what curriculum to use and how their school systems will operate. Teachers will still devise their own lesson plans and tailor instruction to the individual needs of the students in their classrooms. What will be different, however, is that teachers, students and their parents will have a set of clear expectations for what students must learn to be ready for the next grade level. Teachers and students also will benefit from the future development of textbooks, digital media and other teaching materials, and comprehensive assessment systems aligned to the standards.

Are Common Core State Standards being implemented throughout the Corvallis School District?
The timeline for implementing Common Core State Standards in Corvallis is as follows:

The elementary level, teachers are fully implementing the new standards in both language arts and math this year (2011-2012). All elementary schools also will be using standards-based report cards this year which will support parents’ ability to see what their child is learning and the progress he/she is making toward meeting the new standards.

The middle level, grade 6 language arts classes will implement the new standards this year and grades 7-8 teachers will be planning how to align their language arts curriculum with the new standards for implementation in 2012-2013. All math classes in grades 6-8 will be implementing CCSS this year.

The high school level, implementation of the new language arts standards will be phased in one grade at a time. Ninth grade language arts classes will use the new standards this year. Teaching teams will continue to meet over the next three years to align grades 10-12 language art classes to the new standards for each subsequent year. Core math courses will be aligned to the CCSS one course at a time, beginning with Algebra 1 this year (2011-2012), Geometry next year (2012-2013) and Algebra II in 2013-2014.

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