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The Corvallis School District is committed to providing a safe, positive learning environment for all students. We give students the tools to put a stop to bullying through a combination of age appropriate district-wide Positive Behavior and Intervention Supports and all staff are trained annually to ensure a safe and respectful environment is provided for all students. The Corvallis School Board has adopted specific policies for dealing with bullying and a process to report bullying. Our schools continually refine their anti-bullying action plans. 

Bullying is when someone keeps hurting, frightening, threatening, or leaving someone out on purpose. Bullying is a form of intimidation or domination toward someone usually accomplished through some sort of coercion or force. It may involve physical aggression such as fighting, shoving or kicking; verbal aggression, such as name-calling or threats; or emotional aggression, such as menacing looks or gestures, social isolation or harassment. Cyber-bullying refers to using technology (usually computers or cell phones) to harass, threaten,  humiliate or otherwise harass someone. Examples include sending embarrassing or disturbing pictures, videos or messages to someone, or spreading malicious rumors about a person via the Internet or a cell phone.

How to report a bullying incident

If a student is the victim of bullying or harassment, or is aware of a bullying incident, he/she should immediately report the incident to their school principal, a teacher or a school counselor, who will then notify the appropriate district official.

  • Informal complaints can be made orally or in writing and will lead to the administrator seeking a resolution that both the victim and the alleged perpetrator agree upon.
  • Formal complaints must be made in writing and will be considered first by the building principal or an appropriate district official. A formal complaint requires parents to be notified of any complaint against their student and provides an opportunity for all parties involved to discuss the incident and provide evidence and/or a list of witnesses to help the administrator investigate the incident and determine disciplinary action, if warranted.

All complaints will be investigated promptly -- within five working days of the complaint being made. Every effort will be made by the administration to preserve confidentiality and to protect student privacy to the extent the investigative process allows.

If either party is dissatisfied with efforts to resolve the complaint at the building level, an appeal process is available through the superintendent’s office and finally, the school board.


Visit  www.stopbullying.gov for more information about signs of bullying and what parents and students can do.



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