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DLI Update

Board approves dual immersion expansion at Garfield, Lincoln

In a 4-3 vote, the Corvallis School Board voted Monday night to approve a recommendation by Superintendent Erin Prince to create school-wide dual language immersion programs at Garfield and Lincoln elementary schools over the next six years.

The proposal, developed by a 25-member Dual Language Immersion Task Force, expands both schools’ current DLI program in which students are taught their core curriculum in both English and Spanish. The schools’ English-only classrooms will be phased out one year at a time beginning with kindergarten in 2012-2013.

Click here to read the full news story about the school board's decision.

Click here to see the superintendent's PowerPoint presentation detailing her DLI recommendation.

Dual Language Immersion/Inmersion doble


One of several recommendations in the
Corvallis Community Vision for Education states "All students have the opportunity to learn a world language in elementary school during the regular school day." Our community recognizes that as the world becomes more connected through economic policies, political strategies, business partnerships and social networks, our youth must be better prepared to understand and communicate with people from different cultures. Learning another language is key to success in a global society.

In October, 2011, a Dual Language Immersion Task Force was convened to study the district's dual language immersion (DLI) program, first launched a decade ago. The committee was asked to study the existing DLI programs at Garfield and Lincoln elementary schools and to explore what changes might be necessary to address ongoing issues related to capacity, equity and consistency.

After three and a half months of research and deliberation, the task force presented its proposal to Superintendent Erin Prince and school board members at the board's Jan. 23 work session. The proposal is to create school-wide DLI programs at both Garfield and Lincoln, beginning with the 2012-2013 school year. After allowing for a period of public input, Dr. Prince will make a final recommendation for board members to vote on during a special school board meeting Feb. 27.

Implementation plans
Implementing a school-wide immersion program will take time. Currently, students are introduced to DLI in kindergarten or first grade. An English-only classroom also is available. If the decision is made to create school-wide programs at Garfield and Lincoln, one more grade of English-only students will graduate each year until both schools are taught entirely in Spanish and English.

The proposed expansion of the district's dual language program addresses a number of challenges that have surfaced over time. It also offers more students the opportunity to participate in an increasingly valuable and effective learning process that has already proven to close the achievement gap and increase student success.

For more information
The resources listed in the right column offer more detailed explanations for reviewing the district's DLI program, the parameters which guided the task force and the rationale behind its final proposal. We've provided links to various articles and Web sites that task force members used in their research, plus Q & A and "What if . . ." documents to help answer the host of questions people have about the proposal. 

Additional Resources

Members of the task force, its parameters and charge

History of dual language immersion in the Corvallis School District 

Why is Dual Language Immersion At An Early Age a Good Idea?
An explanation of why dual language immersion programs are appropriate and beneficial for young children

Definitions of terms frequently associated with dual immersion programs

Summary of  the Dual Language Immersion Task Force's recommendation to create school-wide dual immersion programs at Garfield and Lincoln elementary schools and the rationale behind the proposal

Links to articles, Web sites and a video reporting the research surrounding dual language immersion (DLI) programs

Questions and answers about what a school-wide immersion program would look like, it's impact on other schools in the district, and details about how the program would be implemented

Common family scenarios and how the new school-wide immersion plan might impact their situations 


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