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Dual Language Immersion Task Force

The Dual Language Immersion Task Force included six school principals, five teachers, five parents, eight district office staff and one school board member. They met five times between Oct. 6 and Dec. 9, 2011 with the goal of recommending the best path forward for dual language immersion (DLI) programs in light of the impact dual immersion has on English-only (EO) classrooms. 

A total of nine different scenarios were discussed as a result of the research and data the task force collected. The members reviewed school demographics, English Language Learner (ELL) enrollment, student test scores, school capacity/utilization rates and transfer and DLI wait list numbers. The task force also surveyed current and past staff at Garfield and Lincoln. Throughout the task force process, members focused on a number of key issues.

The Issues
The expanding ELL population at Garfield Elementary School exceeds the number of spaces available in the current DLI program which includes two DLI classes at each grade level. If nothing changes, more ELL students would have to be bused from their current school to participate in a DLI program. 

Only one EO class is offered at each grade level at both Garfield and Lincoln. In some cases, these are blended classes due to low EO enrollment. The EO classes have a disproportionate number of high needs and high mobility students which creates inequities in the quality of education between DLI and EO students, despite staff and administrators' efforts to reduce these inequities. The problem is further complicated by the fact that non-Spanish speaking students who enroll at Garfield and Lincoln after first grade must be enrolled in an EO class. These classes continue to grow larger, while the DLI classes remain the same size.
Running two separate, intensive programs (DLI and EO) within a small elementary school setting at both Garfield and Lincoln is challenging. 
While not part of the formal charge to the task force, members also discussed that a growing number of English-speaking students have expressed interest in participating in the DLI program. There is currently no room to accommodate those requests. 

Task Force Parameters
Decisions should be based on what will best serve English Language Learners (ELLs), keeping in mind what is optimal for all students and all schools in the district. 
At least one recommended solution should not increase costs directly or indirectly. 
Recommended solutions must minimize negative impacts on the district both in the short and long term (at least 12 years). 
Solutions must maintain a ratio of at least 35:65 for students who speak one language vs. students who speak the other language (The ratio may move in either direction in an effort to reach the ideal ratio of 50:50.) 

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