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The Proposal

The Dual Language Immersion Task Force proposal is to create school-wide dual language immersion (DLI) programs to teach English and Spanish at both Garfield and Lincoln elementary schools. 

Classroom Instruction
The instructional models would be the same at both schools and across all grades. Students would spend 50 percent of their time learning core curriculum (reading, writing, math, science and social studies) in English and 50 percent of their instruction would be in Spanish. All children, whether they are native English-speakers or native Spanish-speakers, would be held to the same academic standards. 

The one difference between the two programs is that Garfield would be a two-way immersion program in which at least one-third of the students in a classroom are native speakers of one language and two-thirds are native speakers of the other "partner" language. Lincoln would offer a two-way immersion program and a one-way immersion program in which classrooms would not have a required ratio of native English speakers to native Spanish speakers. This is to address the smaller population of English Language Learners (ELLs) at Lincoln.

Phase-in of the school-wide programs at both schools would take place over six years, with both schools retaining their current boundaries. In the first year, all kindergarten classes would be DLI. In each subsequent year, one more DLI grade level would be added.

Students would enter the DLI program in kindergarten or first grade. Families who prefer not to participate in the DLI program would have the option of applying for a transfer to other district schools.

The "phase-out" of existing English-only (EO) classes would occur incrementally so current students don't have to experience the disruption of changing schools. Each year, another grade level of EO students would graduate until the entire school is taught in both English and Spanish. Once the program is fully implemented and EO classes are no longer offered, new non-Spanish speaking students who enroll after first grade would be bused to neighboring elementary schools. 

Why the Task Force Chose this Proposal
DLI programs in Corvallis have already proven effective for meeting the needs of diverse students. Developing a school-wide program at both Garfield and Lincoln would allow the district to expand a successful program to ensure access for more students.
Examples of Students' Success in DLI at Garfield and Lincoln 
  ·  It addresses the increasing ELL enrollment at Garfield.
It eliminates EO and blended grade classes at both Garfield and Lincoln. 
It makes DLI programs more consistent across elementary schools. 
It increases the collaboration between Garfield and Lincoln staffs. 
It eliminates the complexity of running two intensive programs (DLI and EO) in a small elementary school setting. 
It significantly increases options for native English speakers to participate in dual immersion which is consistent, at minimal cost, with the district's Corvallis Community Vision for Education recommendation for world languages: "Create a language program that begins instruction at the elementary level."  
Research shows that most learners thrive in a dual language environment. In fact, many instructional techniques used in DLI programs are similar to techniques recommended for struggling learners. A very small number of students with language processing learning disabilities might struggle in a DLI program, and could be bused to another school, at the recommendation of their Individualized Education Plan (IEP) teams 
Increases in transfers by native English speakers to the school-wide DLI programs could help balance socio-economic demographics at Garfield and Lincoln. Both schools currently have the highest percent of free and reduced lunch status students at 78% and 69% respectively.
With increased implementation of DLI at the elementary level, there will be an increased number of students participating in DLI at the middle and high school levels. This could allow for a wider range of DLI course offerings at the secondary level than is currently available. 

Contact Us

Instructional Services
Phone: 541-766-4857
Address: 1555 S.W. 35th St., Corvallis, OR 97333
Staff:         Kevin Bogatin, Assistant Superintendent, 541-766-4857 
  Amy Lesan, Elementary Curriculum Coordinator, 541-757-5863 
  Leigh Santy, English Lanugage Learners (ELL) Coordinator,  541-757-5781
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