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What If . . . Scenarios

What if I have a child currently in an English-only classroom at either Garfield or Lincoln -- how will the new dual language immersion (DLI) proposal impact her?
All students currently attending Garfield and Lincoln will be able to continue at these schools in an English-only classroom through fifth grade.

What if I just moved into the Garfield or Lincoln boundary area. I have one child in kindergarten and one in third grade. How will an expanded DLI program affect us?
Both of your children will be able to attend their neighborhood school. Your kindergarten child will be enrolled in the DLI program and your third grade student will be enrolled in an English-only classroom through the fifth grade if they do not speak and read Spanish.. 

What if a new family moves into either schools' boundary areas after the DLI program is fully implemented at their students' grade levels?
Kindergarten and first grade students would be enrolled in the DLI program, and students in grades 2-5 who do not have language proficiency in Spanish would be bused to a nearby school (likely Wilson, Jefferson or Adams). 

What if families in the situation above want all their children to attend the same school -- can the kindergarten or first grade student be bused to the same school as the older child(ren)?
Siblings can apply for a transfer according to the district's current transfer policy and procedures. If the transfer is approved and there is room on the bus, the younger child may be able to ride with the older siblings to a different school.  

What if I live in either the Garfield or Lincoln boundary area and I don't want my kindergarten student to be in the DLI program. What are my options?
You may request a transfer to another elementary school following the district’s current transfer policy and procedures. 

What if my kindergarten or first grade student is currently on the wait list to get into the DLI program? 
The task force recommendation was to implement a school-wide model incrementally due to staffing, funding and boundary decisions. Unless there is room in the DLI program at Lincoln or Garfield in first or second grade, your child will not likely be able to participate in the DLI program. In future years, however, by expanding the program school wide we hope to be able to offer the DLI experience to any student that's interested.

What if I live in the Hoover boundary area and my child is on a transfer to Garfield, attending the DLI program -- do I need to apply for a transfer each year?  Also, will my child be able to continue in a DLI program through high school?
According to our current transfer policy, when a transfer is granted, it lasts through the highest grade at the school the child is attending. In fifth grade, you will need to apply for a transfer to Linus Pauling if you want your child to continue in the DLI program; DLI students have priority ranking in the transfer process. The same is true when transitioning to Corvallis High School.

What if I have a special needs child -- will DLI be too difficult for him?
According to the latest research, students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) are just as likely to succeed in a DLI program as any other instructional program. This determination would be made by your child’s IEP team. There are some exceptions, such as when a child has a specific language processing disorder, where DLI may be too difficult. 

What if my child is currently struggling in a DLI program? Can I have priority on a transfer request because DLI isn’t working for my child? 
Talk with your child’s teacher. Each school in the district has programs in place to help students who are struggling. By working with your child’s teacher, you can find the best ways to support your child’s success. Because we have systems in place at all schools to help any struggling student, a parent opting out of DLI will not have priority on a transfer request.  However, if those systems do not appear to be working for your child and your transfer request is denied, you can appeal to the assistant superintendent. 

What if after my child has participated in the DLI program for the past three years, we're planning a move where DLI will not be a choice at our new school -- will she be behind academically?
If she was at grade level in the DLI program, she will be at grade level in her future school. 

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