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The Corvallis School District is committed to both practicing and teaching the concept of sustainability to assure that current and future generations of students will enjoy a healthy environment. This commitment is evident in the way we build and maintain our facilities, manage our use of energy and resources, provide nutritious food options and handle our waste. It also guides the development of learning opportunities that will help our students understand the scientific, political, behavioral and practical issues that affect the quality of our environment now and into the future.

Sustainability was one of several themes that emerged during the  Corvallis Community Vision for Education. Our community has said a quality education should include the modeling of effective sustainable practices and a genuine concern about the environment, as well as curriculum that supports students' understanding of and engagement in sustainability. A Sustainability Steering Committee was formed in 2009 to investigate how the district can become more sustainable in its operations, how to incorporate sustainability in each classroom, and to provide leadership in fulfilling the district's sustainability goals. Committee members included representatives from the Facilities and Maintenance, Food Services and Transportation departments, administrators, teachers, students, and community volunteers with expertise or a special interest in sustainability.

Sustainability Defined

We have chosen to define sustainability as "meeting the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations of humans and other species to meet their needs." We also have adopted the approach used by the international organization The Natural Step which identifies four "system conditions" that must be in place for an entity to be considered truly sustainable. For a detailed explanation of these conditions, or key strategies, click here.

Past Sustainability Targets

2011-2012 Theme: Water Conservation
The Students for Environmental Awareness (SEA) Club at Crescent Valley High School are selling meal water bottles to raise funds for installing water bottle-friendly faucets on the school's drinking fountains in an effort to reduce the number of disposable plastic water bottles used.
Water hydration stations have been installed at Crescent Valley High School and the district office to encourage the use of personal, rather than disposable water bottles.
A review of the district's outdoor water usage practices is under way. 

2010-2011 Theme: Waste Reduction
Students and staff were encouraged to increase their recycling efforts or expand the recycling options their school offers. The Advanced Placement Environmental Studies class at Crescent Valley High School conducted a number of classroom trash audits with help from an Allied Waste recycling specialist to help spread awareness in schools on how they could minimize their resource use.
E-cycling became a primary emphasis throughout the district.
    A majority of schools switched to sending most of their newsletters and other communications by e-mail to reduce paper usage and waste. 
The district was named as one of six recipients of the 2011 Oregon Sustainability Awards sponsored by the Oregon Sustainability Board. These annual awards are designed to recognize organizations that have taken dramatic and comprehensive steps to incorporate sustainability into their operations and set themselves up as examples for other organizations of their type and size.

2009-2010 Theme: Energy Conservation
     A district emphasis on conserving energy produced a savings of nearly $111,000. 
    Volunteers from each school received training in energy conservation and became part of a district-wide SPARKS (School Personnel Advocating a Reduction in Kilowatts) Team. Team members then taught and modeled energy-saving strategies for fellow teachers and students at their school sites.
The district received over $427,000 in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) funds through the State Energy Program for lighting upgrades which were completed in June 2010. The lighting retrofit was expected to save the district nearly $22,500 per year.


Contact Us

Corvallis School District 
Address:  1555 S.W. 35th St., Corvallis OR 97333
Phone:  541-757-5811
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