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State Releases School Report Cards

Deputy Superintendent Rob Saxton today released the report card ratings for Oregon’s K-12 public schools and districts. These annual report cards provide parents and community members with an overview of school performance in the areas of student achievement, attendance/graduation, participation, and student growth, in addition to key school statistics, demographics, and an overall rating.

A school’s overall designation on the report card is determined by a rating system which looks at student achievement on state reading and math tests, growth in student achievement, participation on reading and math tests, and graduation or attendance rates.   How well a school does in these areas determines whether they are identified as Outstanding, Satisfactory, or In Need of Improvement. 

This will be the final year Oregon releases the current version of the school report cards.  As part of the state’s federal flexibility waiver, the school report cards will be redesigned to provide better information to parents and communities on how our students, schools, and districts are doing.

As part of Oregon’s federal flexibility waiver, the state proposed designing a new State Report Card.  Since the timing of the waiver approval did not allow for a redesign to occur before this year’s report card release, this year’s reports will look much as they have in the past.  The main change is the removal of overall Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) designations since these are no longer required under Oregon’s waiver.  In addition, schools which were identified as Priority, Focus, or Model schools this summer under Oregon’s new accountability system received a note of this new designation on their Report Card.  Priority, Focus, and Model schools are economically disadvantaged (Title I) schools identified as needing additional supports and interventions (Priority and Focus) or as examples of student success (Model). 

Corvallis School District had two Title I elementary schools (Lincoln and Mt. View) receive the Model school designation. Both of these schools also received Outstanding ratings on the Oregon school report cards, as did Adams, Cheldelin, Crescent Valley, Franklin, Hoover, Jefferson, Muddy Creek Charter, and Wilson. Corvallis High, Garfield, and Linus Pauling received Satisfactory ratings. No Corvallis schools were designated as In Need of Improvement.

"As the State strives to create a meaningful and relevant reporting system to share with the community how well our district is doing,” said Corvallis Schools Superintendent Dr. Erin Prince, “we take great pride this year in seeing growth for many of our students, especially in middle school math and reading across the district. However, we acknowledge we have work to do to better prepare our students for success in high school and post-secondary/career readiness. While we have made some gains in closing the gap with our sub-groups, we are not closing it fast enough and certainly not with all children. Our staff work extremely hard and are motivated and committed to our students’ success. We are fortunate to have such dedicated educators teaching and leading our children. We need to stay the course. Our children depend on it." 

School and district report cards are available on the Department’s website at: