Superintendent names Special Education Task Force

Superintendent Erin Prince has announced the selection of 17 people to represent parents, staff and the community on a Special Education Task Force that will begin meeting next week. The task force has been asked to address a series of recommendations that came out of an independent review of the district’s special education program earlier this year.

Multiple applications for the task force were submitted at the superintendent’s request in an effort to enlist a cross representative pool of interested members. “The selection process was very difficult,” Prince said, “because there were so many qualified and talented applicants eager to participate.”

The Special Education Task Force will meet twice before the end of the school year and members will break into smaller sub-groups to work through the summer and into next year. Each sub-group will focus on a specific target area in need of attention and improvement.

Sub-groups will do research, consult with specialists from the district and community, and then develop short- and long-term goals to share with the entire task force. Task force meetings will be closed to the public, but progress reports will be released throughout the process.

The following people were chosen to represent parents and the community-at-large:

 • Denise Cardinali                •  Patrice Jones 
 • George Estreich Jasper Smith 
 • Peter Gelser  •  Patricia Von Glahn-Volk 
 • Hilary Harrison     

Staff members include:

•  Mary Johnson, special education teacher, Crescent Valley High School 
•  Art Koebel, educational assistant in the WINGS program, Harding Center
•  Stephanie Tarrant Martin,  speech/language pathologist
•  Pat Templeton,  WINGS special education teacher, Harding Center
•  Malia Brown,  educational assistant in Home Court, Cheldelin Middle School
•  Shelley Powers, special education teacher, Corvallis High School
•  Heather Welburn,  English language learner teacher, Lincoln Elementary School
•  Jodie Wyatt,  educational assistant (special education/autism), Wilson Elementary School
•  Lisa Matthews,  special education teacher, Linus Pauling Middle School
•  Dan Bregar, math teacher, Crescent Valley High School

A principal from each level, as well as representatives from the district office and Instructional Services/special education specialists also will serve on the task force.