Health & Safety

Our first priority is staff and student health and safety. While staying true to our commitment to creating an educational system that honors, values, and empowers our most vulnerable student groups, we are committed to creating a plan for next fall that will lead to the future we want for all of our kids.

Health & Safety


This fall we will begin a process to provide in-person instruction in our schools again, along with other districts in Oregon. However, we will still be living under the virus, and community-wide immunity is many months off. The Oregon Department of Education (ODE) and the Oregon Health Authority provided districts with guidance on requirements and recommendations for reopening schools next fall.

Our first priority is staff and student health and safety. The following Health and Safety Components come from theĀ ODE Ready Schools, Safe Learners 2020-21 Guidance. We anticipate multiple iterations of this guidance throughout the summer and into next school year from ODE as we navigate COVID-19. Our decision to employ a hybrid model is based on information relative to present conditions. Should present conditions change, our model may need to adapt and change based on the needs and wellbeing of a school or our community.

Health & Safety Plans