Board-School Liaisons

The purpose of the board-school liaisons is to bring members of the school board into closer contact with schools, and to facilitate communication between the board and the schools concerning board policies and community concerns.

Board-school liaisons are intended to be informal. Board members may attend PTA/PTO meetings and other school events throughout the year.

  • Board members will not intervene in school administration.
  • Board members will engage with their assigned schools, but they are not meant to be advocates of lobbyists for their schools.
  • Board members may report on their contacts with their schools at board meetings, or submit brief written reports for distribution to the full board.
  • Liaison assignments were implemented in the 2016-17 school year. The utility of these liaisons will be evaluated later in the school year.

Board-School Liaison Assignments

Adams Elementary –¬†Bill Kemper
Cheldelin Middle School – Alexis McQuillan
College Hill/Harding Center – Scott Newsham
Corvallis High School – Bill Kemper
Crescent Valley High School – Tom Sauret
Franklin K-8 –¬†Scott Newsham
Garfield Elementary – Judy Ball
Hoover Elementary – Alexis McQuillan
Jefferson Elementary – Scott Newsham
Lincoln Elementary Vincent – Vincent Adams
Linus Pauling Middle School – Vincent Adams
Mountain View Elementary – Tom Sauret
Wilson Elementary – Judy Ball