Policies and Guiding Principles

School Board Policies

Corvallis School District board policies are available in an online searchable database.

Social Media Guidelines for School Board Members

The Corvallis School District does not establish or manage social media accounts for school board members. The district provides guidelines to board members for the use of social media.

Guiding Principles

The board has identified the following principles that will guide school district staff in developing measurable outcomes and action plans. These principles are intended to be broad policy parameters and not operational benchmarks.

Our Highest Priority is Academic Achievement for All Students

  • Proficiency in reading, writing and mathematics is the cornerstone.
  • Academic growth for all student subgroups from kindergarten to graduation is essential.
  • We will give particular attention to literacy and mathematics achievement by grade 3.
  • Our goal is a 100% graduation and completion rate.
  • We will continue within the limits of our resources to offer a broad range of academic and vocational opportunities.
  • We believe that Common Core standards provide effective benchmarks for student achievement and assessment.

Our Schools Will Embrace Equity

  • We will work to remove obstacles to achievement for all students.
  • Our resources will be invested where there is the greatest need.
  • We will address the needs of our English language learners, special education students, and students who come to the district from difficult economic circumstances.
  • It is our responsibility to help our students and families navigate our school district.
  • Education outcomes should not be determined by income, race, gender, disability, or language.

Our Schools Will Be Safe and Welcoming

  • All students will be treated with respect.
  • We welcome diversity as a source of strength.
  • We will not tolerate bullying and discrimination.

Our Resources Will Be Managed to Preserve the Long-Term Sustainability of the District

  • We operate with limited resources which historically have not been sufficient to meet all needs.
  • Our financial planning will ensure that resources are used efficiently to sustain student success.
  • Financial planning will be prudent and include maintenance of adequate financial reserves.
  • Employee contracts will be financially sustainable.

Our Communication with the Corvallis Community is Important

  • We are committed to public participation and district and board transparency.
  • We will seek opportunities for public communication.
  • Communicating with students, families, and the larger Corvallis community is vital to achieving equity.

We Will Think Creatively About the Future

  • We will create and support multiple pathways to student success.
  • We will embrace educational innovation, including new technologies and new approaches to meeting the educational needs of our district as it continues to become more economically, socially and linguistically diverse.
  • Our long-range thinking about facilities will begin with a comprehensive examination of how we expect to deliver our services in the future.