Educational and Facilities Planning

Long range planning integrates educational and facilities visioning to meet the emerging needs of our 21st century student population. Our district operates 13 school locations including seven elementary schools, one K-8 school, two middle schools, two high schools, and one alternative program site.

Steering Committee

The core team includes the superintendent and other key school district leaders and support personnel. This committee helps shape the long-range educational visioning process and provides parameters, guidance, feedback and course corrections as long range facilities projects proceed.

Preparing for the future of learning in Corvallis

An Innovation Team was convened by the superintendent in early 2016. The team was asked to meet over the course of three months to begin envisioning what is possible for students as we prepare for a bright future.

Valuing academic excellence, innovation, and diversity in programs and students, this team was invited to explore ways to:

  • Partner with the community and our higher education partners to ensure quality educational options
  • Provide dynamic instruction to better equip students for success in a rapidly-changing world
  • Leverage community assets to offer cogent student supports
  • Envision powerful learning environments to support 21st century skill development

We want to ensure that excellence in learning is realized by all of our students, both today and tomorrow. These planning efforts will help the district make sound investments, solve long-term challenges, and eventually transform an aging infrastructure to offer more innovative and equitable opportunities for all.

The core values for educational design will guide the future work of this team.

Planning activities in the 2015-16 school year included a community “Future of Learning” Summit, coordination of study tour of schools with innovative programming, and student focus groups. The culmination of that process was shared with the school board in a summary report, The Road Ahead. The following core values were articulated by the team including real-world learning, diversity, community, collaboration, and adaptability as represented by the designs below.


Prior Planning Reports

Reports from prior years are available below. Additional reports including individual school assessments are available. Please contact the Facilities department staff at 541-757-5877 with your request