Sustainable Practices

People observing plants on tables in classrooms

We are committed to both practicing and teaching the concept of sustainability to assure that current and future generations of students will enjoy a healthy environment. This commitment is evident in the way we build and maintain our facilities, manage our use of energy and resources, provide nutritious food options and handle our waste. It also guides the development of learning opportunities that will help our students understand the issues that affect the quality of our environment now and into the future.

District Hires Sustainability Specialist

Bailey Payne was hired for the new position of Sustainability Specialist and joined the Teaching and Learning Department on August 1, 2019. He is tasked with championing the District’s recently completed Sustainability Management Plan and working collaboratively with staff and community members to implement projects in a number of action areas. He reports to Assistant Superintendent Melissa Harder.

View the Sustainability Management Plan

Operational Overview

Operational practices include waste reduction, energy conservation, water conservation, and sustainable cleaning and maintenance supplies. A Sustainability Steering Committee was formed in 2009 to investigate how the district can become more sustainable in its operations, how to incorporate sustainability in each classroom, and to provide leadership in fulfilling the district’s sustainability goals. Recommendations from this committee have informed our work during the last seven years. In 2016, the school board revisited the topic of sustainability and initiated a new committee.

In 2017-18, a sustainability task force was convened to determine how best to implement sustainability systematically throughout the district. Recommendations included setting up systems to support and expand on-going sustainability practices, changing the culture of the district to incorporate sustainability into all aspects of district work and to ensure that sustainability values guide future decisions, and engaging with programs that provide recognition and support for sustainability work in school districts.

In 2018-19, district leaders will continue this work with the support of a sustainability consultant to develop an action plan for sustainability in the district.