Curriculum is a broad term that includes text books, supplemental materials, lessons, activities, and assessments.

No matter what curriculum is used, all staff are required to teach to the same set of standards established by the Oregon Department of Education.

  • Math- Common Core State Standards
  • English Language Arts- Common Core State Standards
  • Science- Next Generation Standards
  • Health- Oregon Health Standards
  • Social Sciences- Oregon Social Sciences Standards

Text books are a foundational curriculum and align with state standards. Text book adoptions follow a state recommended adoption cycle and are reviewed by Teaching and Learning Department leadership, elementary principals, and teacher leaders. Input is also solicited from classroom teachers and the general public.

Elementary (K-5) Curriculum

Current CSD adopted textbooks by subject area

  • Math: Bridges Through Mathematics, (grades K-2) and Engage New York Mathematics (grades 3-5)
  • English Language Arts: Collaborative Literacy (Being a Reader, Being a Writer, Making Meaning), published by Collaborative Classroom
  • English Language Arts & Spanish Language Arts: Engage New York Thematic Units
  • Science: Full Option Science System (Foss) Kits
  • Health: The Great Body Shop
  • Social Sciences: Social Studies Alive (grades 3-4), History Alive (grade 5), and Social Studies Kits (grades K-2)

Secondary (6-12) Curriculum

Current CSD adopted textbooks by subject area

  • Math (grades 6-8): Shannon McCaw, Core Focus on Math
    Math (grades 9-12): multiple
  • English Language Arts (grades 6-8): McGraw Hill, Study Sync
  • English Language Arts (grades 9-12): multiple
  • Health: Healthy Sexuality, adopted 2012 and Health Kits from CIMC
  • Social Sciences: multiple
  • Science (grades 6-8): Amplify
  • Science (grades 9-12): multiple