Benefits of DLI Education

The goal of language immersion is for students to become proficient in a second language and develop an increased cultural awareness. But while learning a second language when they are young, students also develop greater flexibility in the way they think, better problem-solving skills, and a better grasp and understanding of their own native language. Studies indicate that DLI learning can benefit students in several ways. Research consistently finds that the immersion experience enhances English language development (Cloud, Genesee, & Hamayan, 2000)

The curriculum for the elementary language immersion program is the same as is taught in non-immersion classrooms. All students are held to the same academic standards when it comes to reading, writing, math and science. The difference is that the instruction in an immersion classroom is 50 percent in English and 50 percent in Spanish. Most students with special needs also are successful in immersion programs when provided with the same support they would receive in a non-immersion program.