Choosing Dual Language Immersion

This program is a good fit for families that support learning a second language and encourage practicing the language at home, are willing to participate in school projects and bi-cultural activities, and are willing to commit to at least the K-5 years of the program.

Reason to Participate in the DLI Program

There are many reasons families choose to participate in the DLI program including:

  • Multi-cultural appreciation
  • Educational enrichment
  • Future career opportunities

Students with an Individual Education Plan (IEP) are just as likely to succeed in a DLI program as any other instructional program. This determination is made by your child’s IEP team. There are some exceptions, such as when a child has a specific language processing disorder, where DLI may be too difficult.

If your child is enrolled in the DLI program and is not making progress, talk with your child’s teacher. Each school in the district has programs in place to provide additional supports, including support at our DLI schools. By working with your child’s teacher, you can find the best ways to support your child’s success rather than opting out of the DLI Program. There are systems in place at all schools to provide additional student support; a parent opting out of DLI will not have priority on a transfer request.  However, if those systems do not appear to be working for your child and your transfer request is not granted, you can appeal to the assistant superintendent.